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FIFA 21 Is Good, How Can EA Sports Make FIFA 22 Great?

For as long as I can remember, EA Sports FIFA has dominated the market when it comes to soccer games. Pro Evolution Soccer, or PES, is the number two but can and never really will hold a candle to FIFA. FIFA 21 is arguably one of the best in the series and brought in a few new features that fans had been clamoring for for years, most notably the “Sim Match” feature when lets you watch the game in a quick view and make changes to the squad but also jump in when you want. We break down 5 things that we would like to see brought into FIFA 22 to make this game great.

*My number 1 was going to be create-a-club, but EA Sports recently announced they would be bringing that into FIFA 22. That is huge.*

**These are also in no order of importance or anything**

#1: Develop Traits For Players In Development Plans

FIFA 21 ushered in something new for your players in your youth academy and on your senior team and that is the development plan. This allows you to focus on certain attributes to develop over time almost as a specialty. The one thing I would change to this is to let gamers pick and choose which traits you can give players to develop as well. Put traits into certain categories for the development plan and this would help your future players grow and become world-class players. Most Youth Academy players you recruit come with at most 1 trait and it is typically CPU-Only.

#2: More Classic Players In Other Game Modes

For years, one of the biggest selling points to the FIFA franchise has been FIFA Ultimate Team, or FUT, which allows players to open packs for random players, both young and old, to build a starting 11 and play online with. You can have some of the best players in soccer history on your squad and absolutely demolish players you get matched up with. I would like to see All-Time teams brought to like quick play, or if there is a pool of players for your Create-A-Club, let us choose legends of the game in their prime.

#3: A Better Career Mode

The whole idea of the Alex Hunter Career Mode from FIFA 17 was a nice idea but flopped and they don’t realize it yet. I like the idea of building your own player and going through the detailed process of going up and making the senior squad, but all the cutscenes and extra nonsense are too much for me. On FIFA 22, I hope to see a more interactive career mode where you can have the best of both worlds. Let us have a little bit of the backstory (customizable of course) but also don’t make us wait through 5 cutscenes before every game.

#4: Dynamic Weather

This one might seem a bit dull, but I don’t like this idea of having it rain for 90 straight minutes or not at all. I would like to see it vary. Have it raining for 20 minutes, stop and the sun comes out for a bit, then another storm comes through. Or if it snows, the snow gradually builds up and play has to be stopped to clear the pitch. I think this would bring a fun dynamic to FIFA 22.

#5: Upgrading Facilities In Manager Mode

I might be one of the few that enjoy this, but I love taking teams from the bottom tier of the Premier League and earning their way to promotion to the big leagues. The only issue is that you’re stuck with the same stadium from when you started. While playing in front of 12,000 fans is ok in the bottom tier, how great would it be to be able to build a bigger stadium while you promote? I would also like to see the option to get new kits as well. Like Madden has different jerseys when you relocate, let the “fans” vote on some color schemes and designs and you have the final say on it. Clubs are always evolving and why should we not be able to in FIFA?

Have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

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