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Invest In The Pittsburgh Steelers On SimBull NFL

With the NFL season around the corner, it is about time for us investors to fire up our SimBull accounts and take a look at investing in some NFL teams to earn a few dollars this season. Vendetta Sports Media this off-season gave you previews for all 32 NFL teams, and I personally did the Steelers post. When writing that post, the price was $41, and I told you that you should 100% invest in on SimBull NFL. But after watching their performances during the preseason and with everything we are hearing out of camp, the Steelers should be the first team you invest in this season and buy high.

Let’s start with the price: $44. Their current trading price has them in the bottom half of all teams on SimBull NFL. The prices for all teams have skyrocketed since the end of last season, but for that price, that is like shopping at Goodwill. Let’s be honest, would you rather have the Bears at $45 or the Steelers at $44? I also have to mention that the Steelers have had a winning season FOR THE PAST 17 YEARS. This means that we are likely to see an 18th, which means that’s 9 wins guaranteed. That means your wins per share is growing money. Mike Tomlin, no matter your opinion on him, knows how to win and work with what he has.

Next, let’s talk about this team and how they have looked this preseason. The defense is FLYING. Coming off the heels of an elite defense last season, it appears they have not lost a step. The addition of Joe Schobert at the linebacker position will sure up that unit even more and add to a stacked squad. Ben Roethlisberger has also looked impressive this season, moving around the pocket with fluidity and showing the arm talent hasn’t quite left yet. Rookie running back Najee Harris has flashed massive potential, and with more reps, he should find his form by the start of the season.

To Review

Some folks on this site might think that the Steelers won’t be contending this season, but I firmly disagree. I believe that this team is on track to win 10+ games again this season and be in the hunt at minimum for a Wild Card berth. What does all this mean? It means that you should take that $44 you have sitting in your SimBull account and invest on SimBull NFL in the Steelers. You can thank me after the season’s end.

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