Dwayne Haskins
Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

Dwayne Haskins Deserves The Backup Job

For a handful of years now, the question surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers has been who is going to replace Ben Roethlisberger once he retires? There had been no clear-cut option until the Steelers drafted Mason Rudolph. The assumption was that Rudolph could take over the franchise once Big Ben retired. But recent years have shown in the starting role, Rudolph was less than ideal. Steelers fans wondered where they would find their next guy? The answer wears No. 3 and was given up on by the Washington Football Team: Dwayne Haskins. His performance this preseason should earn him the backup job and a future starting spot on this roster.

What Has He Done To Deserve It?

To start, Mason Rudolph sucks. This guy couldn’t lead horses out to pasture with a rope and a map. He was never a fit in Pittsburgh coming out of Oklahoma State and their air-raid offense back in 2018. Dwayne Haskins has simply looked better so far before the seasons start. After watching Haskins lead this team to victory against the Eagles, putting up 16/22, 161 yards, and 1 TD, I knew from there this kid was the right guy for the job. His throws just seem to find the receivers more accurately than Rudolph, and Haskins is more agile in the pocket than some like to admit. He also comes from a more pro-style offense from college in Ohio State. The word coming out of camp is that this guy is constantly watching film and trying to get better. That tells me that he is taking this second chance seriously, and I believe him.

There are some out there that believe it was a mistake to take a chance on Dwayne Haskins, but this guy right here does not. He has shown an ability to break down defenses, make the right reads and deliver a very catchable ball to his receivers. With a full year behind a future Hall of Famer in Roethlisberger, the sky could be the limit for Haskins. The Steelers should give him every opportunity to succeed, and that starts with giving him the backup role going into the 2021 NFL season.

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