Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl
The Pittsburgh Steelers have no hope of winning a Super Bowl in the next three years. Their window is now officially welded shut. (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Window Is Welded Shut

The Pittsburgh Steelers have no shot at winning a Super Bowl. Their window has been welded shut, 2020 was their last chance and they absolutely blew it.

About a year ago, I claimed that the Steelers had one last chance to win it all. They completely blew that chance and will now be lucky to make the playoffs. Everyone in their division got better, except for them. The Ravens have added weapons for Lamar Jackson, the Bengals will be getting Joe Burrow back, and the Browns are continuing to develop a young core and have taken a flier on Jadeveon Clowney that has major payoff potential.

But what did the Steelers do? Their offseason was a complete disaster. Their offensive line underwent a complete overhaul, that’s never a good thing. The signing of Melvin Ingram does actually help make the offseason a bit better, but there’s no doubt that it was the worst in their division, potentially the worst in the NFL.

While the Steelers did make an attempt to address their weaknesses, I don’t like the way they did it. Their run game was simply atrocious. It couldn’t get any worse, but the Steelers found the worst way to approach it. They spent their first-round draft pick on Najee Harris. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Najee Harris as a football player. I just don’t love picking him over Teven Jenkins, when tackle was an obvious need for Pittsburgh.

The Pittsburgh Steelers had their chance to win another Super Bowl throughout the 2010s. When the Browns were comically bad and the only real threat in the division was Baltimore. Now, their window is welded shut. Unless Roethlisberger turns the clock back five years and this offensive line gels together incredibly, Pittsburgh has no shot this year.

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