Pick Em
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The Pick Em Challenge continues on into Week Twelve. It was another bad week. Chick is still in first as he went 8-7 this week bringing his overall record to 93-79-1, Font is in second after a 4-11 week bringing his overall record to 83-94-1, and Krieg is in last after a 6-9 week bringing his overall record to 82-95-1. It was a rough week for me and I’m starting to build my case that Vegas has it for me.

Pick Em Challenge Thanksgiving Slate

Chick: Detriot +2.5

Krieger:  Chicago -2.5

Fontanello: Chicago -2.5

Another Thanksgiving another Lions game, yay. Both the Bears and Lions are playing backups. However, one is Andy Dalton the other is a guy that threw 6 TDs to 20 INTs in college.

Chick: Las Vegas +7.5

Krieger:  Dallas -7.5

Fontanello: Dallas -7.5

The Cowboys have been struggling lately and so have the Raiders. I just think the Cowboys are too talented to not wake up soon.

Chick: Buffalo -6.5

Krieger: Buffalo -6.5

Fontanello: Buffalo -6.5

The Bills have serious problems right now. The Colts went into Buffalo and smacked them in the mouth. However, I currently hate the Saints so I’ll take the Bills hoping they turn it around.

Pick Em Challenge 1:00 PM Games

Chick: Houston -2.5

Krieger: New York Jets +2.5

Fontanello:  New York Jets +2.5

The Jets and Texans may be the most boring game of the year outside the Lions and Bears. Regardless, this is just flip a coin pick for me so I’m going with the Jets. Yes, I actually did flip a coin to make this pick.

Chick: Tennessee +6.5

Krieger: New England -6.5

Fontanello: Tennessee +6.5

The Titans pissed me off last week and I should have known they’d have a game like that. I may be an idiot for taking the Titans against the Patriots in New England. However, Mike Vrabel might just know how to beat his former head coach.

Chick: Philadelphia -3.5

Krieger: New York Giants +3.5

Fontanello: New York Giants +3.5

The Giants finally fired Jason Garrett. I’m so happy, although way too late. However, maybe the offense comes alive this week and they upset the surging Eagles.

Chick: Tampa Bay -3

Krieger:  Tampa Bay -3

Fontanello: Indianapolis +3

The Colts are hot right now and the Bucs just had a get-right game on Monday. Regardless, the Bucs have been horrible on the road this year, and the way Johnathan Taylor is playing, I’ll take the Colts.

Chick: Atlanta -2.5

Krieger:  Jacksonville +2.5

Fontanello: Atlanta -2.5

The Falcons suck but so do the Jags another coin flip pick.

Chick: Carolina -3.5

Krieger:  Carolina -2

Fontanello: Carolina -2

Carolina just likes to crush my expectations and dreams every week. Ruined a nice parlay I had in, but the Dolphins aren’t very good either so I’ll go back to the Panthers this week.

Chick: San Francisco -6.5

Krieger:  Cincinatti -4.5

Fontanello: Cincinatti -4.5

The Bengals got right against the Raiders last week and the Steelers lost a wild game on Sunday night. Nevertheless, I’ll go with the Bengals here because I really think they win this game.

Pick Em Challenge 4:25 PM Games

Chick: Los Angeles Chargers -2.5

Krieger:  Los Angeles Chargers -2.5

Fontanello: Los Angeles Chargers -2.5

The Chargers offense had a big game on Sunday Night. Meanwhile, the Broncos were stinking up the joint against the Eagles. I’ll take the Chargers

Chick: San Francisco -3

Krieger: San Francisco -3

Fontanello: San Francisco -3

The Niners are hot right now and the Vikings had a big win over the Packers last week. This game has let down-itis written all over it for the Vikings.

Chick: Los Angeles Rams -1

Krieger: Green Bay +1

Fontanello: Green Bay +1

The Packers are coming in off a loss to the Vikings and I’ll tell you what you’re giving me underdog Aaron Rodgers. I’ll take that bet every week if I could.

Sunday Night Football

Chick: Baltimore -3.5

Krieger:  Cleveland +3.5

Fontanello: Baltimore -3.5

The Ravens will have Lamar Jackson back this week and that’s good for the team. I just can’t trust the Browns right now. Therefore, give me the Ravens this week.

Monday Night Football

Chick: Seattle +1.5

Krieger:  Seattle +1.5

Fontanello: Washington -1.5

The Football team has constantly been winning games they have no business winning. I’m not confident in the Seahawks’ ability to score points, so I’m fading the Hawks this week.

Let’s see what happens this week maybe Vegas lays off me.