Love Hard
Love Hard is a new Christmas movie added by Netflix. Should you give it a try despite the predictable plot? (Bettina Strauss/Netflix 2021)

Love Hard Netflix Review

Today is Thanksgiving but the rush to start watching new Christmas movies is here. It’s always hard to trust new Christmas movies because a lot of what the new streaming platforms put out is garbage. I gave Love Hard a try anyway to see how it stacks up. Of course, I’ll try to limit the spoilers.

The movie is about a female journalist that chronicles all of her bad dates under an anonymous name for a news publication. On a dating app, she eventually opens the dating parameters more and meets a guy on the East Coast she likes. Getting catfished certainly adds a big layer to the drama.

The trailer is what got me to watch it, to be honest. Look, the plot is semi predictable. A girl looking for love gets catfished but somehow sees the guy she thought she was meeting eventually. What happens next is predictable but this movie was great.

Okay, maybe great is a strong word but there were funny moments or at least moments I made comments about. That takes a lot for me to do. I even teared up at the end. I’m not a big time crier. It takes a lot for me to cry about something. For a movie to get me to tear up says a lot. It definitely had a cutsie (is that a word?) love story that is worth watching.

If you’re in need of a feel good story while laughing at the shit show moments, this movie is for you. Yes, I think this counts as a Christmas movie. There is snow, there are Christmas songs, there are presents being opened, and Christmas is a big day in the movie.

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