Best College Football Uniforms: Weeks 11 & 12

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! The past two weeks have not been the best in terms of fun uniforms, in my eyes. The best college football uniforms list of weeks 11 and 12 are going to be combined into one list. This list features a lot of purple, a throwback, and chrome helmets, and the teams combined for a 5-3 record. Read the article from Week 10 here. Who made the list this week?

Clemson Tigers (1st Appearance)

Best College Football Uniforms
(image from Adam Hagy/USA TODAY Sports)

The Tigers bust out their purple alternates once a year, and they did so in Week 11 versus the UConn Huskies. After a slow start to the year, the Tigers are playing their best football, and a path still remains for them to win the ACC. I’d like to think the purple on purple uniforms have something to do with their success in the 44-7 win. I think these things rock, and they should wear them more often. I would only make one change: the tiger paw on the shoulders should be white to match the one on the pants and helmet.

Marshall Thundering Herd (1st Appearance)

Best College Football Uniforms
(image from Sholten Singer/The Herald-Dispatch)

Marshall has kept the gap tight in the Conference USA East race. Luckily, their 21-14 loss at home versus UAB in Week 11 won’t hurt them, because they get to play Western Kentucky in a winner-take-all game this upcoming Saturday. It’s a shame they couldn’t win the game they wore these all black beauties for. I like how the striping on the helmet is also used on the numbers, but they knew their limits and did not go overboard on the letters. The helmet itself was unique for the game as they were honoring the 75 people who died in a plane crash involving the football team in 1970 – a tribute they make annually. The names of all that passed are on the center green stripe, and the cartoon buffalo logo is the same they wore for the 1971 season.

TCU Horned Frogs (1st Appearance)

Best College Football Uniforms
(image from Michael Noble Jr./Tulsa World)

TCU got stomped by #10 Oklahoma State 63-17 as the Cowboys inch closer to a Big 12 title (and hopefully a College Football Playoff berth). This game had potential to be a Uni Bowl, but I think I just needed more out of Oklahoma State’s blackout combination. As for the Horned Frogs, I love it. Maybe it’s the purple and silver diamonds around the neck? Or the single purple stripe down the center of the white helmet? Perhaps the purple facemask? You put all of the pieces together and it looks really crisp.

Texas Christian Horned Frogs (2nd Appearance)

Best College Football Uniforms
(image from Matthew Pearce/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Oh, look who it is again! After wearing a great combination on the road in Week 11, TCU followed it up by wearing this incredible set in Week 12 in a 31-28 win over Kansas at home. The Horned Frogs will be playing for bow eligibility in their final regular season game, but they’ll have to beat Iowa State in Ames. The diamonds remained, and because the tops were black instead of white, the color of the numbers flipped. In Week 12, TCU’s numbers were silver with a purple outline. I need to talk about these helmets, too. The oversized horned frog logo is purple on a black backdrop. The purple facemasks are the only compliment that makes sense. It’s a little strange to do a blackout game in the afternoon, but these uniforms are so fire that it doesn’t even matter. These are my best college football uniforms of weeks 11 and 12 combined.

Louisiana State Tigers (1st Appearance)

Best College Football Uniforms
(image from Chynna McClinton/Reveille)

Heading into Week 12, LSU had lost five of its last six games, and thank goodness they got to welcome UL-Monroe to stay in the hunt for bowl eligibility. They need to beat #15 Texas A&M on Saturday to earn that coveted sixth win on the year. As for their uniforms, the Tigers went with their alternates. Most of the time, LSU wears yellow helmets with a white top and yellow pants. It’s rare for them to bust out the purple tops, let alone the white helmets and pants. I like them, though. I’m not the biggest fan of yellow, and anytime a team can use purple as a primary, they will be getting my attention. All the white in the set pops under the lights, including the accessories.

Oregon State Beavers (1st Appearance)

Best College Football Uniforms
(image from Leon Neuschwander/The Oregonian)

Oregon State is having its best season in a while. The Beavers have won seven games for the first time since 2013. For their Week 12 night game hosting Arizona State, the Beavers brought back a uniform from 2000, when they won the Fiesta Bowl over Notre Dame on the first day of 2001. I love this because the logo on the helmet was the logo I grew up seeing Oregon State use. I think the stuff they use now is just waaaaaay too busy, so I would really appreciate it if they went back to the classics.

Western Kentucky Hilltoppers (2nd Appearance)

Best College Football Uniforms
(image from Steve Roberts/WKU Athletics)

I’ve already mentioned how big of a game WKU has this upcoming week against Marshall, but I have not mentioned that the Hilltoppers quarterback, Bailey Zappe, currently leads the FBS in passing by over 500 yards. He came into Week 12 a gunslinger, and he exited the week with 470 yards and six touchdowns added to his name. Zappe did so in style, too. I told you about how much I love the socks the Hilltoppers wear back in Week 4’s list, so this time I’m going to drool over the chrome helmets. Look at that reflection in this photo – you can see the whole stadium through somewhat of a fisheye lens! the uniforms, as a whole, are slightly different from Week 4, however. Instead of black pants, WKU wore red, and I think this is their best look. The red pants really make the numbers, facemasks, and helmet logo come through.

Northwestern Wildcats (1st Appearance)

Best College Football Uniforms
(image from Jon Durr/USA TODAY Sports)

The Northwestern Wildcats got to “host” Purdue at Wrigley field last week. Only about 31,500 people came to watch, which is sadly more than what the Wildcats would get at Ryan Field this season. I told you there was a lot of purple in this list, and Northwestern brought a good amount of it. Aside from the black jerseys and socks, the Wildcats used their purple very well. The purple helmets and pants are a classic look, and I really like what they do with the striping on their jerseys. It’s a unique thing to the Wildcats that reminds me of something a hockey team would do on their jerseys.

Which school do you think had the best college football uniforms from weeks 11 and 12?

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