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The Pick Em Challenge continues on into Week Eleven. It was a bad week for everyone, just a lot of losses that came out of nowhere. However, Chick is still in first as he went 6-8 this week bringing his overall record to 85-72-1, Font is in second after a 5-9 week bringing his overall record to 79-83-1, and Krieg is in last after a 5-9 week bringing his overall record to 76-86-1. It was a rough week all around. Not really sure what happened, but we’ll find our mojo again soon.

Pick Em Challenge Thursday Night Football

Chick: New England -7

Krieger:  New England -7

Fontanello:  Atlanta +7

Thursday night football features the surging Patriots going on the road against the Falcons. Mac Jones is the truth which is scary if you’re in the AFC East. However, this number is too high for the Patriots, especially coming off a big win last week. I’m going with the home dog this week.

Pick Em Challenge 1:00 PM Games

Chick: Indianapolis +7.5

Krieger:  Buffalo -7.5

Fontanello: Indianapolis +7.5

The Colts have started to come on of late and are probably the best team the Bill shave played since the Steelers in week one. I faded the Bills last week and that bit me in the ass, but something tells me the Colts are a live dog here.

Chick: Chicago +5.5

Krieger: Chicago +5.5

Fontanello: Chicago +5.5

The Ravens got caught sleeping last week by the Dolphins that won’t happen again. I’m expecting a big bounce back

Chick: Detriot +11.5

Krieger: Detriot +11.5

Fontanello:  Cleveland -11.5

The Browns just got their asses kicked in all phases of the game on Sunday. Another spot where I expect a bounce-back game from this team. Nick Chubb should be back and the defense will play better than last week.

Chick: Tennessee -10.5

Krieger: Tennessee -10.5

Fontanello: Tennessee -10.5

The Titans are incredible, even without Derrick Henry they are still beating everyone. The Texans hold no threat to this team, Titans by a billion. Like the great Eren Yeager once said ‘Keep moving forward.’ and that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Chick: Green Bay -2.5

Krieger: Green Bay -2.5

Fontanello: Green Bay -2.5

The Packer’s defense has surprisingly been very good this year and bailed the Packers out of a game where Aaron Rodgers just wasn’t himself. I expect the Packers and A-Rod to get back on track here and roll over the Vikings.

Chick: Miami -3.5

Krieger:  New York Jets +3.5

Fontanello: Miami -3.5

The Dolphins got a very surprising win last week against the Ravens. While the Jets got their teeth kicked in. Now, Joe Flacco is starting, I mean that’s a joke. I hate this game but will never take Flacco in 2021.

Chick: Philadelphia -1.5

Krieger:  New Orleans +1.5

Fontanello: New Orleans +1.5

The Saints covered last week in the final seconds, gotta love those. They now come to Philly and the Eagles just won a well-played game in Denver. However, I do not trust the Eagles as a favorite and really love Sean Payton as an underdog.

Chick: Carolina -3.5

Krieger:  Carolina -3.5

Fontanello: Carolina -3.5

Cam is back, back again, Cam is back tell a friend. The prodigal son has returned home and he had an impressive game, despite only playing a few snaps. Now, he takes over as the starter, and WFT just lost Chase Young for the year. I love the Panthers in this spot.

Chick: San Francisco -6.5

Krieger:  Jacksonville +6.5

Fontanello: Jacksonville +6.5

This game has let down-itis all over it for the Niners. They just got a big win against the Rams, and now are coming east for a 1 pm game we all know how these go. I’m taking the Jags here.

Pick Em Challenge 4:25 PM Games

Chick: Las Vegas +1

Krieger:  Cincinatti -1

Fontanello: Las Vegas +1

The Raiders are in a tailspin after the last few weeks. However, the Bengals aren’t exactly playing great either. Even though the Bengals are coming off a bye they are still a young team and we just don’t know if they are ready for this yet.

Chick: Arizona -2.5

Krieger: Arizona -2.5

Fontanello: Seattle+2.5

The Cardinals yet again may be without Kyler Murray and my pick will change depending on if he plays. If Murray is in I’m sticking with the Cardinals. If it’s Colt McCoy I’m switching.

Chick: Dallas +2.5

Krieger: Dallas +2.5

Fontanello: Dallas +2.5

The Cowboys as an underdog is laughable they are just too good of a team and covering at a record of 9-1 ATS, I’ll gladly take them as an underdog. The Chiefs had one good game since Week 1 I’ll need to see a little more consistency from them if I’m going to trust them to cover.

Sunday Night Football

Chick: Los Angeles Chargers -5.5

Krieger:  Pittsburgh +5.5

Fontanello: Pittsburgh +5.5

The Steelers tied the Lions in what was a truly disgusting game. However, the Chargers may not be capable of covering a game like this up against a very good defense. I’m taking the Steelers.

Monday Night Football

Chick: New York Giants +11

Krieger:  New York Giants +11

Fontanello: New York Giants +11

The Giants are coming off a BYE and the Bucs are a mess with all these injuries. I’ll gladly take the points with the news Barkley is practicing this week. This spread is just too big for the Bucs to cover without Gronk and AB.

Hoping for a good, tune in to see how we do!