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I Emasculated A Twitter Troll About What Position Tony Pollard Plays

Tony Pollard
I emasculated a Twitter troll about what position Tony Pollard plays

What started out as a legit question, turned into something much, much more. Recently, Tony Pollard has been getting a bunch of buzz after a strong preseason showing thus far. Pollard is coming off a big Preseason Week 2 game where he posted a 14-yard rushing touchdown to cap off a 97yard drive. Pollard’s night ended with 51 scrimmage yards on 5 carries and 1 reception.

Drama started to pour in when Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said “Zeke who” after the game. It couldn’t have been a dumber move by Jerry. All of a sudden, we are comparing Tony Pollard to Ezekiel Elliott. A third-string running back at the University of Memphis to the best running back in the NFL. All I did was ask a simple question.

One twitter troll decided to chime in. Karlos or AKA @Weeeeeh (make sure to tell him how stupid he is after you read the rest of the post). Karlos claims that Tony Pollard wasn’t the Memphis third-string running back. What followed was a thread that can only be described as emasculating. Karlos was buried and dragged through the mud immediately. I’m not sure I’ve come across a dumber human being in my life. Below are some of the highlights. Make sure you read the entire thread. It’s a mustread. You can’t make up how stupid this guy is.

I actually feel bad for the guy. I’m not sure I ever made a guy sound dumber. I’ve come across a lot of people during my time since starting up the site. I think Karlos moved to the top of the list of morons I’ve encountered. Karlos claims that since he watched the games, he was right. Zero mention of how Pollard had more carries than receptions in 2018 and his overall career. Zero comeback for how Pollard had more rushing yards than receiving yards in 2018. Zero mention how Pollard had more rushing touchdowns than receiving touchdowns in 2018. What a DOPE!

How about the line about where Pollard played in high school? Get ready for Tytus Howard to suit up at quarterback for the Texans! Maybe cam Akers will get some snaps at quarterback for Florida State this year! I truly feel bad for Karlos. You can’t fix stupid. I was begging him to give me data to back up his argument. His best comeback was that he watches the games. Somebody help Karlos out. Try to figure out which game he was watching. I’m not sure that he knows that Memphis is located in the State of Tennessee. I’m not sure if he’s aware that Memphis has blue uniforms. Somebody, please help Karlos. I’m not sure he’s smart enough to drive a vehicle. I truly fear for his own safety.

“Third-down back. Change-of-pace back. Gadget guy.” This is from the Cowboys website. Their words, not mine.

You gotta love the internet. You can find stupid people under every rock. Who knew a simple tweet about Tony Pollard would turn into such a humiliation. Pollard was drafted as a running back by the Cowboys. He was listed 3rd on the Memphis depth chart behind Darrell Henderson and Patrick Taylor. Somehow Pollard is “equal” to Henderson but was listed as his backup and was drafted later than him. Karlos seems like a big prayer guy. Send some his way. I’m not sure anything can fix how stupid this guy is. I wish him the best of luck. I just hope one day he finds his brain or at least gets some help.

UPDATE: Karlos deleted his comments. Instead of being a man with integrity, Karlos ran away to go hide. Feel like I deserve an apology. The article doesn’t look as good but I screenshot the most important part. That’s ok. This is all you need to see.

2nd Update: Just as I suspected. Karlos is a coward. Instead of apologizing, he ran away. There isn’t much more that needs to be said.

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