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Omar Khan

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Omar Khan: Steelers Want Mitch Trubisky Around For “Long Time”

Omar Khan
Mitch Trubisky sucks but Omar Khan doesn’t care! Khan wants Trubisky with the Steelers for a ‘long time’. (George Gojkovich/Getty Images)

Omar Khan: Steelers Want Mitch Trubisky Around For “Long Time”

If Mitch Trubisky stabbed someone on the street and was filmed doing it, I’m very confident he would get away with it. He’s already basically gotten away with murder at the NFL level. Omar Khan is just the latest name on the list of idiots that refuse to acknowledge the truth about Mitch Trubisky.

Guy sucks. Always has. Always will. The smart people just figured it out six years ago.

Of course, Trubisky stunk again in 2022. The former North Carolina posted a four to five TD to INT ratio and was benched by Week 4. In fact, our camera crew got a close look-up of Mike Tomlin trying to defend Trubisky.

Want to see it.

Are you sure?

Okay, you asked for it.

Yes, Tomlin is forced to wear that helmet at all times with Trubisky on the roster. Safety first kids! Don’t want to get hit in the head with inaccurate balls thrown by Trubisky!

Except none of that matters to Steelers general manager Omar Khan. Because somehow the Universe has decided that Trubisky can do no wrong, we have another person that’s ready to die by the sword to defend him.

Apparently, Trubisky is so good that the Steelers want him in Pittsburgh forever.

“Mitch has been great,” Khan said at the NFL combine. “It’s been great to have him around, and I would look forward to having him around here for a long time. Not only this year but for a long time.”

“I think any young quarterback will tell you having that veteran presence around him is tremendous, especially if you have a guy like Mitch that handles things so well,” Khan said.

“As you guys saw in the playoffs, it’s important to have more than two quarterbacks available,” Khan said. “We had a great relationship. Good conversation with Mason. And the door’s still open.”

The fact that this guy is willing to say the same about Mason Rudolph at this point speaks volumes. That’s a story for another day. What’s next is Kenny Pickett going to lose his job again to start the year? Anything feels possible for Trubisky in Pittsburgh. Who knows. Maybe Tomlin will bend the new and hire Trubisky as the offensive coordinator next!

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