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Mike Tomlin

(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette photojournalist Matt Freed)

Mike Tomlin Wants You To Know Mitch Trubisky Is Improving

Mike Tomlin
Mike Tomlin is refusing to admit he’s wrong and wants you to know that Steelers QB Mitch Trubisky is improving in all areas. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette photojournalist Matt Freed)

Mike Tomlin Wants You To Know Mitch Trubisky Is Improving

Dinosaur. That’s exactly what Mike Tomlin is. If you don’t get offense, you don’t get the modern NFL. Teams like the Patriots, Bears, and Steelers that lean on defense and managing the game look worse than ever. When I called the Steelers a poverty franchise, I meant it. Mike Tomlin will suffer his first losing season ever and Mitch Trubisky has everything to do with it.

Apparently, Mike Tomlin lives in Looney Tunes land. Instead of just doing the right thing and finding out if Kenny Pickett can play – Tomlin looks old, stubborn, and clueless. Don’t worry Steeler fans! Mike Tomlin wants you to know that Mitch Trubisky is improving!

Link to full press conference:

On the season, Trubisky is completing 60.2% of his throws (and it would be under 60% if it weren’t for George Pickens bailing him out on this catch as seen below). Trubisky also ranks 22nd in QBR to go along with a 2-1 TD to INT ratio. 5.5 yards per pass of absolutely nothing but dinks and dunks.

You know what, quick side tangent, we’re doing this. You want to know how terrible Trubisky is? Pickens has 65 receiving yards through three games. 36 of which came on this play.

Chris Olave has 268. Garrett Wilson has 214 and was hurt and missed two quarters last week. Drake London (who I think is and still is terrible) also has 214. Jahan Dotson has 109.

Jameis Winston, Joe Flacco, Marcus Mariota, and Carson Wentz. All providing environments to where at minimum, their guys are producing. That should matter. Pickens is the biggest freak show in the class and this is what he gets.

It’s embarrassing. The Steelers are a poverty franchise. Argue all you want but if you think starting Mitch Trubisky is an option in the year of 2022, you deserve to be fired. Embarrassing move by a historically well-run franchise.


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