Lamar Jackson
The Ravens changed offensive coordinators this offseason. Apparently, Lamar Jackson is so dumb that he didn’t realize there would be a new scheme in place (Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

Some people can’t be helped. You can’t fix stupid. One thing we do know is Lamar Jackson isn’t a bright fella. Jackson had the lowest score on the wonderlic of any quarterback during the 2018 NFL Draft class. I don’t know how else to say it without sounding insulting but Jackson isn’t smart. It’s not hard to see.

Jackson’s lack of intelligence was on full display at OTA’s. The Ravens changed offensive coordinators from Marty Mornhinweg to Greg Roman. Any person with a reasonable working brain would figure out that means the offense will change. Whether that means drastically or moderately, if you change play callers, that means things will change. Well, Jackson couldn’t figure it out.

“Coming in [to offseason workouts], I didn’t know we would have a totally different offense,” Jackson said this week, via “When I got here, coach was like, ‘Yeah, we have a totally new system. You’re going to have go through this and that.’ It’s been getting to me a little bit.”

“I’d say, my first day, I sucked,” Jackson said. “Second day, I did better. Today, it was all right but it could’ve been better.”

I don’t understand how someone could be so stupid. How could a pro athlete not know the playbook would be different with a new coach? It’s one thing that Jackson flat out can’t throw the ball. You can’t win completing less than 60 percent of his throws which is something Jackson can’t do. It’s another thing when you’re stupid. This is the biggest red flag of all.

I’ve said this 1000x this offseason; the Ravens are screwed. This is example 800. I don’t understand why no one else is talking about it. Baltimore is lucky if they get third place this year.