Anthony Davis
Reports have surfaced that there’s ‘no way’ the Pelicans will deal Anthony Davis to the Lakers after the drama that has gone on between the two teams. Sorry #Lakeshow fans (Jae C. Hong/AP)

The Lakers want Anthony Davis so bad that they are willing to go full Andy King mode and risk it all to bring the Brow to LA. Well, that’s not going to happen. I mean no chance. With all of the drama that has gone on with the Anthony Davis trade discussions between the Lakers and Pelicans, reports have started to surface that talks have soured so bad that there’s just no chance Davis lands with the Lakers.

Marc Spears of ESPN reported the news:

“I have been told that there’s no way Anthony Davis is coming here, through the Pelicans.”

“They’re just not going to do it.”

Let’s be honest, even if the Pelicans wanted to open up trade talks with the Lakers, they don’t have the trade chips to get it done. Brandon Ingram has blood clots and has been shut down for the season. That ensures that nobody is trading for Ingram given that news. Lonzo Ball is constantly hurt. He’s missed more games than he’s played. That leaves Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart, and some draft picks. That’s not cutting it.

I love the Pelicans just shutting the door on the Lakers. It fits my personality as the spiteful guy that puts revenge first on his to-do list. If Pelicans ownership has any self-respect, they were going to shut the Lakers out of trade talks. The way the Lakers and Rich Paul tried to tamper with Davis is nothing short of a criminal act. Gayle Benson should chuck Magic Johnson the finger the next time she sees him.

If the Lakers are out, I don’t know how the Celtics don’t land him? We will see. I’m sure the Pelicans wouldn’t mind sending him out East anyway to begin with.