Alvin Gentry
Alvin Gentry called the Anthony Davis situation a dumpster fire (Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

The Anthony Davis situation is a mess. Davis scored 3 points on Tuesday on Tuesday against the Magic. The Pelicans then beat the Thunder on Thursday night but there was more drama. Davis left the game in the second quarter with a “shoulder” injury. Davis not only left the game, he left the entire arena.

Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry called the entire situation a ‘Dumpster Fire’:

I’m glad Gentry was honest. This situation is a mess. I have no issue with Davis requesting a trade but do it before or after the season. Not in the middle of the season and cause of bunch of drama a week before the deadline when the world knows he’s not getting moved. The drama doesn’t just end there.

Look at that rat face, Rich Paul. I’m open to suggestions on the nickname. All I know is this guy is the biggest weasel. He left the arena before the game was over? That’s not a winning player. The entire world knows he faked the shoulder injury. He just wanted to get out of there early to head to the All-Star Game. If Davis plays in the All-Star Game, that’s proof that he faked the injury.

The Pelicans should just send this loser home. I don’t want Anthony Davis anywhere near my team. Would the Patriots acquire a player like this? Hell no. He’s hurt all the time and a total loser. I couldn’t be more out on the Brow.

At the end of the day, the entire Pelicans staff and front office will probably get gutted after the season. Gentry is a dead man walking. Same for Dell Demps. Let’s be honest, it may even be time for the Pelicans to just outright move the franchise out of town.