Dell Demps
It appears that Dell Demps had a master plan to mess with the Lakers on an Anthony Davis trade (Brett Duke, Times-Picayune)

Is Dell Demps an intelligent person? It appears that way. The Pelicans are in a tough spot with the Anthony Davis trade. There is no doubt about that. However, Dell Demps have have had a master plan to f*ck with the Lakers for the clear and obvious tampering to land Davis. Demps appears that he lured the Lakers into thinking they had what it took to land Davis but in reality leaked information about the trade to sabotage the Lakers. The Lakers got played.

Rachel Nichols of the Jump threw out the theory and then Brian Windhorst confirmed exactly what she said:

Did Dell Demps see a 42 point loss coming? Maybe not, but he did try to sabotage the Lakers young players. Make them quit on LeBron for trying to dump them in a deal. I love it. Go celebrate with some Vino, Dell. You did it. This entire situation with the Lakers is a mess. Luke Walton is going to lose his job, the young Lakers hate LeBron, and LeBron is stuck without another star teammate in what appears to be a wasted year. Could life get any better!

The best part of this situation is chucking a middle finger to that clown, Rich Paul. This guy thinks he owns the NBA and only has a job because he once sold a jersey to LeBron. This guy Rich Paul is the biggest fraud in the NBA. If we’re being honest, This entire thing with Klutch Sports and the Lakers is a clear sign of conflict of interest which would be illegal in any profession. However, Adam Silver is the only CEO, Commissioner, or higher up in life that doesn’t possess a pair of cahones so LeBron can just do what he wants and get away with it.

I’m sure Demps got some counseling from Gregg Popovich. Under no circumstance was he going to trade Kawhi to the Lakers just to give a big F*ck You to the Lakers. Demps is now doing the same with Davis. I’m sure Danny Ainge had something to do with this master plan too. If we are being honest, if the Lakers had just drafted De’Aaron Fox, they would probably have a deal done with Davis. Instead, they were bullied into drafting Lonzo Ball. The Lakers flat out are a dysfunctional organization. Dell Demps certainly is helping that narrative.