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Nicolas Batum Is A Waste Of Money

Nicolas Batum
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t like thieves. But on the other hand, if someone gives you money willingly, can I still blame you? Hell yeah, I can. I can multi-task. I blame the giver and the receiver in this instance. Nicolas Batum is a fraud and the Hornets are dumb. It’s beyond obvious that Michael Jordan is nowhere near as good as an owner as he was a player. He’s actually more of the worst NBA owners I have seen. This Nicolas Batum situation is the epitome of that. I cannot understand why the Hornets had any reason to give Nicolas Batum a 5-year 120 million contract in the first place, but that is neither here nor there

Nicolas Batum Stats

Don’t believe me? First of all, let’s give his stats when he was first signed for that horrendous contract. That would have been at the end of the 2015-2016 NBA season. That year, he averaged 14.9 PPG on 42.6% shooting, 5.8 APG, and 6.1 RPG. That is pretty decent, I won’t deny that much. But paying 25 million a year for that? No, absolutely not. The next year, or the first year on his deal, his stats were almost identical. But since then, he has gradually declined in production. Right now, he is averaging 3.5 PPG, 2.9 APG, and 4.5 RPG in 22 minutes. Imagine giving 25 million a year to a guy that averages 4 rebounds and that is more than the points he scores. Absolutely terrible.

Michael Jordan continues to show he has no business being an owner. At least, the owner of the Hornets. He needs to start over with a new team in my opinion. But when you give away money for guys like Nicolas Batum, you cannot expect any sympathy for your mistakes. Reasons like that are why the Hornets haven’t been relevant forever. Other Kemba Walker and maybe Devonte’ Graham, everything else has been regrettable. Do better MJ and Nicolas Batum, you’re a waste of money.


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