Devonte Graham
AP Photo/Bob Leverone

WHO?! Devonte Graham, that’s who. If you haven’t been keeping up with the trash teams in the NBA, here’s a name that you should know. After Kemba Walker left in Free Agency for the Celtics, I wasn’t sure what the Charlotte Hornets were going to do for talent. They have some talented role players, but when role players are starting, you have a bit of a talent issue. However, Devonte Graham has stepped up as the go-to guy for the Hornets.

Devonte Graham Stats

Devonte Graham is only a second-year player and was with the Hornets last year as well. However, like most NBA fans, had no idea who he was last year because he was just irrelevant. Last year, he had a whopping 4.7 PPG on 34.3% shooting, 2.6 APG, and 1.4 RPG in 15 minutes. Like I said, irrelevant. This year? I would say he has a case for Most Improved Player of the year. He has 20 PPG on 41.1% shooting, 7.6 APG, and 3.8 RPG in 34 minutes. Coming from complete irrelevancy to being the go-to guy on a team deserves some recognition in my eyes. He’s only a second-year player too!

This team was supposed to rebuild around Scary Terry Rozier, a terrible idea in Trey Daubert’s opinion. They gave Terry Rozier a shiny overpaid contract with 58 million for 3 years (roughly 19 million a year). Rozier is being outplayed by the second-year player in Graham. If I was Charlotte, I’d trade Rozier and rebuild around Graham, save yourself from a bad contract. The Charlotte Hornets are in a rebuild right now and there is no need to rush it. The Hornets eventually want to get back to relevancy and they won’t be able to do that with a “get rich quick scheme.” Devonte Graham is the future for the Charlotte Hornets. Hopefully, they don’t waste it.