Terry Rozier
Charlotte Hornets president Mitch Kupchak had an outrageous statement on adding Terry Rozier to Charlotte (Nell Redmond/Charlotte Observer)

The Charlotte Hornets couldn’t have had a worse offseason. The Hornets not only lost Kemba Walker, but they then added Terry Rozier in a sign in trade. The problem is that Rozier will cost them $56.7 million over the next 3 years. The Hornets completely overpaid for Rozier and have been getting crucified for losing Kemba Walker for what is essentially another bad contract.

Don’t worry, Mitch Kupchak has a very logical reason why they wanted Rozier (I’m being sarcastic if you can’t tell). This next thing I’m going to share is something I wouldn’t have been able to make up if I tried.

This might be the most outrageous statement in the NBA ever. There are two ways to interpret this. Are the Hornets trying to argue that Terry Rozier would have been lottery pick in the 2019 NBA Draft when he was selected 16th in the 2016 NBA Draft? Or is it worse? Are the Hornets trying to argue that 25-year-old Rozier would have been a lottery pick this year? God, how embarrassing is that? For a veteran that has been in the league for 4 years who is about to make over $18 million per year, I would sure as hell hope so.

This is going to be an egregious mistake by the Hornets. In 4 career seasons, Rozier has not shot above 40 percent in any season. That’s the guy the Hornets are throwing money at. Rozier also bitched about not having a proper opportunity in Boston but ranked 2nd on the team in shot attempts despite coming off the bench. He has established himself as a player you don’t want on your team. Case closed.