Nick Foles
Nick Foles will lead the Jags to the Playoffs (Gail Burton/AP)

Nick Foles is one of the most beloved players in Philadelphia sports history. He not only led the team to their first ever Super Bowl win in three trips, but he also salvaged last years almost horrible season and got us a playoff win against the Bears in the infamous double-doink game. Foles is a proven leader, but what has yet to be seen is if he can preform at a high level for a full 16 game season. In the 2013 season Foles threw for 27 touchdowns and just 2 interceptions in just 13 total games, 10 of them were starts. Many thought that Foles should have won the MVP trophy that year but was runner up to Patriots QB Tom Brady. After his first stint in Philly, Foles was shipped out to St. Louis thanks to Chip Kelly and struggled under known QB killer Jeff Fisher. Foles then went to Kansas City to back up Alex Smith for a season before coming back to the City of Brotherly love.

Foles has never played 16 games and that will be the biggest thing he needs to prove in Jacksonville. He needs to be out there every snap for any shot at this team being successful. Obviously, Foles is a much-needed improvement at QB over Blake Bortles, but only time will tell if he will be able to lead this franchise to some much-needed success. I don’t see Foles setting the world on fire in terms of stats, but I do see him leading the team to a playoff berth. They have the defense, they have the running back in Leonard Fournette, and they have a leader now with Big Dick Nick. Good luck in Jacksonville Nick Foles, and thank you for everything you did for Philly. Number 9 should be retired in no time. You deserve to have this opportunity at having your own team and being a starter. Don Chach out!