Patriots Cam Newton
Rival execs called the Patriots “Desperate” for signing Cam Newton. I’m not sure they’re wrong. Starting Jarrett Stidham wasn’t an option. (Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports)

They’re not wrong. I said it once, I’ll say it twice, I’ll say it forever. Jarrett Stidham can’t play. Not even a little. The Patriots were and should have been desperate to sign a quarterback like Cam Newton. It appears that rival NFL execs sort of saw it that same way.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler recently spoke to some executives around the league. Some called New England desperate for Cam. It’s hard to disagree.

“Those who didn’t expect this cited Newton’s choppy recent play and lengthy injury history and the team’s need to develop Stidham as convenient excuses to stay away,” Fowler wrote Tuesday.

“Others saw only one team desperate for a viable NFL starter: New England.”

For a second, I thought Bill Belichick lost his mind prior to the deal. He still may have but the Patriots at least have a respectable starting quarterback now. More interestingly, Newton is 2-0 against the Patriots and it seems like Belichick has always respected him as an opposing player. I have no idea how this one is going to turn out.

My question is how many more offseason’s do we have to go through before people realize Jarrett Stidham is not Jimmy Garoppolo? If he were, New England never makes this move. I can promise you that.

One thing I didn’t mention in my news article is the Tom Brady aspect. Rumors have already started flying that maybe Antonio Brown comes to Tampa. You know Tom did not like the attention the Patriots got when Cam signed. More so than ever, Brady could be pushing for the Antonio Brown deal to go through.