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NFC West
(Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

New Years Resolutions: NFC West

NFC West
(Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

New Years Resolutions: NFC West

To conclude this eight-part series of holiday articles, it’s time for New Years Resolutions for the NFC West! One of the most competitive divisions in football can still find ways to improve, and I’ve found them here.

Arizona Cardinals: Learn How Not To Collapse

This might be more of a Kliff Kingsbury thing, but it’s something that must be addressed. Last year the Cardinals collapsed to 8-8 in an epic fashion, and they’re in danger of doing that again this year and losing the division, they’ve already lost the one-seed.

Los Angeles Rams: Improve Defensively

The Los Angeles Rams have the sixth-best scoring offense, and the 16th best scoring defense. While that may seem good, two NFC teams are better in both categories and division rival Arizona Cardinals have the tenth-best scoring offense with the sixth-best scoring defense. The Rams will have a tough road ahead of them, so they better get that defense to catch up.

San Francisco 49ers: Get Better Quarterback Play

The San Francisco 49ers need a better quarterback. I like Jimmy Garoppolo, and he has one of the quicker releases in the league. However, he makes some very questionable decisions and can be hilariously inaccurate at times. That’s infuriating, and the 49ers need better because Garoppolo doesn’t have an absolute cannon of an arm to compensate for those issues.

Seattle Seahawks: Clean House And Embrace A New Age

It’s time for the Seattle Seahawks to clean house and start anew. They have a terrible roster and when Russell Wilson isn’t playing at a top-five level, the team shows just how bad they are. This high pick would have been amazing for them, but it’s gone to the New York Jets because of the Jamal Adams trade. The Seahawks have to embrace a new age, and that should involve a new coach, general manager, and trading away pieces not named Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner (although, I could be talked into trading him too).

This concludes the holiday series that gave every team in the NFL a way to improve themselves, there always is a way to get better in the NFL. If you aren’t getting better you’re getting worse in the world of football.


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