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There Is No Need For A Gold Rush

The San Francisco 49ers took a massive swing in the 2021 NFL Draft by trading up to the third pick and taking quarterback Trey Lance. While some question Lance because of his lack of experience at playing at a high level, Lance has the tools to be successful in the NFL. However, just because the 49ers took him third overall does not mean they should rush him onto the field. The 49ers need to take their time.

I may not fully agree with Colin Cowherd on what he said here, but I do agree that the 49ers should roll with Jimmy G.

While Trey Lance is the future of the 49ers franchise, Jimmy Garoppolo is a more than capable quarterback who has succeeded in the Kyle Shanahan system. People forget that two years ago this same 49ers team was not only in a Super Bowl, but had a lead down the stretch. The team’s shortcomings last season were due to injury rather than a lack or loss of talent. This is still a talented 49ers squad that will compete in arguably the toughest division in football.

What happened to the days of drafting a quarterback and grooming and supporting him? I fully believe Sam Darnold will flourish in Carolina with an established run game, solid receivers, a good offensive line, and a defense that can actually get stops. Carson Wentz was once supported in Philadelphia and played at an MVP level, but then Howie Roseman decided he didn’t want Wentz anymore and things felt more like a sabotage job than trying to help their star QB.

Support for Lance is not the issue here though. It’s the fact that there are people that want Lance to start right away.

Mahomes Is The Reson Why, Not The Reason Why Not

I once again find myself at odds with Nick Wright. First, his argument using Patrick Mahomes as an example of “if” is stupid and backfires. Mahomes is the prime example of sitting your QB for a year and really let him learn the offense. What good does it do for a young QB to go out there with half the playbook or less in his brain and tell him to compete for a Super Bowl? And we will never know what kind of QB Mahomes would have been if he had played his first year. Yes, eventually the training wheels will have to be taken off, but patience is key. If you force your QB out there before he is ready, then you get what happened to Tua Tagovailoa last season.

Trey Lance needs to sit this season. I like Lance and want him to succeed in the NFL. If a quarterback isn’t ready and you start him anyway, then that creates a bad look. Again, look at the Tua situation in Miami. I am a Dolphins fan and support Tua, but coming off of a major injury and rehab, Tua should not have seen the field last year. This 49ers team is still good to compete. Let Lance take his time, mature his game and knowledge of the playbook and become the Super Bowl-winning franchise QB the 49ers have been looking for since Joe Montana. Unless Jimmy G is injured, sit Lance.

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