Nelson Agholor
Nelson Agholor revived his career with the Raiders. Yes, that same guy who was a constant punching bag with the Eagles. (AP Photo/Brian Blanco)

Nelson Agholor was a constant punching bag in Philadelphia. Agholor’s tenure with the Eagles can be described in one short clip.

The funny part is the guy in the video is accurate. Agholor was graded out as the worst receiver in the NFL last year, mostly because he found a way to drop wide open touchdowns. Not just once or twice. ALL THE TIME.

If ever there was a guy that needed a change of scenery, it was Agholor. Oddly enough, the former first-round pick out of USC looks like a pretty good receiver. It just took him, leaving Philadelphia to do it.

Agholor hasn’t been a consistent part of the offense, but he’s made an impact. That drop issue that plagued him in Philly is somehow gone. Agholor hasn’t dropped the ball with the Raiders. He’s always been able to get open. He’s just turned into the player he was supposed to be coming out of college.

Agholor ran a 4.42 speed and is a pretty crafty route runner. He just was awful in the past once the ball was actually in the air. Jon Gruden deserves a lot of credit for scheming him open. Agholor currently leads the NFL in yards per target (16.8). Yes, that same Agholor who couldn’t catch a ball to save his life is working with the Raiders.

Agholor is the most efficient receiver in the NFL right now. Agholor leads the NFL in target premium (107.7%). 231 NFL players have been targeted at least eight times this season. Agholor is the only player in the NFL who has a perfect passer rating when targeted. Sure, Agholor only has ten receptions, but he’s made a significant impact with a limited opportunity.

Alex Chick seems to think I hate his team, but I don’t. Maybe it’s fun to pile on the Eagles a bit, but I can’t confirm that. Agholor was a smart low risk, high reward investment who’s barely making over $1 million on a one-year contract.

The Raiders quietly have some wide receiver depth. Nobody is considered a star, but Henry Ruggs III, Bryan Edwards, Hunter Renfrow, and Nelson Agholor is a young group to build around. Darren Waller is a stud too. Derek Carr has looked much better as well in 2020 with better options to throw to.