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Today in Sports History 10/14/2020 (Inside the White Sox)

October is typically not a month you think of when picturing important events in the history of sports. But here’s just a few things from October 14th.


Baseball player James Creighton ruptured his bladder, hitting a home run. He later died on October 18th.


NY Giants beat Philadelphia A’s, 2-0 in Game 5 at the Polo Grounds to win the first league sanctioned Baseball World Series.


Chicago Cubs vs. Chicago White Sox World Series. White Sox won 4-2 in Game 6. 


The Chicago Cubs beat Detroit Tigers, 2-0 at Bennett Park. The Tigers took the victory to clinch the World Series, 4-1; 6,210 fans were in attendance, and it was the smallest crowd in World Series history.


Largest baseball crowd to date at 38,281 people at Polo Grounds in Manhattan, New York.  


Joe Namath (New York Jets QB) makes his screen debut as C.C. Ryder in C.C. and Company. 

The movie is about two biker gangs, Namath being the leader of one. C.C and Company were called laughable and a bad rendition of several similar films and plots. 


Willie Mays was 42 years old when he finally retired from Major League Baseball. The legend’s last game was Game 2 of the 1973 World Series, which needed 12 innings to be decided. His final hit came during the top of the 12th, a single to center field that scored Bud Harrelson.

He spent most of his career with the New York/San Francisco Giants franchise. He retired with the Mets in 1973. 


Future NBA legend Scottie Pippen signs rookie contract with the Chicago Bulls. He went on to play with Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman and win three NBA Championships in a row and six in all. He was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame in 2010.


The Houston Rockets beat the Sacramento Kings 80-86 in an NBA preseason matchup in Shanghai, China. This was the first time two NBA teams had met in China. 

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