James Wiseman
Memphis Center James Wiseman. Photo Credit Joe Murphy/Getty Images

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if NCAA secretly stood for the National Conglomerate of Assholes Association. These fucking douchebags delivered the biggest the FUCK YOU to James Wiseman that I’ve ever seen.

Okay, so Wiseman technically took money from a booster (who is Penny Hardaway and his current head coach), cool suspend him. These fucking ass-clowns are essentially fining the kid $11,500.00.

Seriously? How fucking stupid is this? Penny Hardaway donated $1 million to Memphis in 2008 and because he then gave Wisman’s mom some money in 2017 (almost a decade later), they expect Wiseman to pull eleven grand out of his ass?

The fucking kicker? James Wiseman didn’t even fucking know about his mom taking the money from Hardaway. That’s like having to pay a fine if your dad ran a red light.

So, let’s be real here, the only fucking way that Wiseman is going to be able to donate 11 thousand of anything is if Penny Hardaway gives it to him. And of course, then the NCAA will give the finger to Wisman again for taking another illegal gift.

And in all honesty, the NCAA is only being this dickish because Wiseman almost beat them. After getting suspended Wiseman filed a restraining order from the NCAA that allowed him to play in 3 games. So the National Conglomerate of Assholes Association had to flex nuts and be a bitch to make him an example of him.

I hope the NCAA bought Wiseman dinner before fucking him. It’s only proper to buy someone dinner before fucking them this hard. Of course, if they did buy him dinner they would have to suspend him for accepting a free meal.

I really fucking hate the dumbass NCAA.