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Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group

NBA Players And Their Hip Hop Equivalents

NBA Players
NBA Players And Their Hip Hop Equivalents (Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group)

Which NBA Players And Rappers Are The Most Alike?

NBA Players and Rappers are some of the most well-known figures in the entire world. It is hardly a surprise, as both industries of professional basketball and hip-hop have blossomed in recent years. The pair are closely tied together, as many rappers and NBA players are really close friends. Here is the time to dig a little deeper. There are some startling comparisons between certain players and artists. So we must ask: which NBA players and rappers are the most alike?

LeBron James and Drake

There is no better place to start than with the King and the 6ix God. Both are arguably the greatest of what they did throughout the 2010s. Both are signed to ridiculously expensive deals with Nike. They even helped each other out in their business ventures. While Drake was seen on social media promoting Lebron’s Lobos Tequila company, Drake tagged LeBron in the video of him winning at his online roulette table games. Both are also great friends as LeBron has been seen on stage at Drake concerts. As well, Drake has been seen sitting courtside at Raptors games where LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers are playing. The similarities between these two could go on and on.

Kevin Durant and Young Thug

While the connection may not be as obvious, it definitely is as strong as Drake and LeBron. Both Durant and Thugger have established themselves as all-time greats at basketball and music respectively. As well, they have paved the way for the younger generations to thrive as well. While Durant has inspired countless basketball players, especially taller ones, Young Thug and his YSL record label have brought about some of the best young talents in all of rap with names like Gunna and Lil Baby given their starts from Thugger himself. To top it off, the pair are also close friends, as Thug attended Durant’s 33rd birthday party last year.

NBA Players and Rappers
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Kawhi Leonard and Kendrick Lamar

Of all the duos I am covering here, I believe that this is easily the strongest connection. Like, it’s uncanny. They’re both from Los Angeles, and have seen the heartbreak and struggles that Compton has for so many. They’re both incredibly quiet, but when they speak, the world listens. Both do not do their respective work constantly. However, when either Kendrick drops music or Kawhi plays, they are easily one of the best at what they do. Even crazier, the Klaw and K-Dot each have the same initials of KL. I have no clue if they’re friends in real life, but I really hope that they are!

Trae Young and Quavo

This is another combo that is hardly a surprise. Both Young and Quavo are die-hard supporters of Atlanta. Both also share a common trait of loving ice. Whether it’s Quavo “Huncho” and his diamond-studded necklaces, watches, and jewelry, or Young’s icy themed Adidas basketball shoes, the pair have linked up in a variety of ways. Especially when you consider that Young has raised the Hawks from a rebuilding team to a seemingly consistent playoff team in the Eastern Conference. Quavo is frequently sitting courtside at Hawks games, especially with Young in the fold.

James Harden and Travis Scott

This duo is much like Young and Quavo. The other half of Huncho Jack and the former MVP have forged an incredibly strong bond over the years. It started soon after Harden got traded to Scott’s hometown Houston Rockets. Despite setting them into a rebuild, Cactus Jack celebrated Harden’s trade to the Brooklyn Nets last year as he seemingly guaranteed himself a championship alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. However, that was not the case. A year later, a new similarity now stands between the pair: significant media backlash and hatred on social media.

Scott has been vindicated for his behavior and apparent lack of attention to the people that were in danger following the death of multiple fans. He has long been a fan of “moshpits” and embracing the rager, but he obviously took it too far by still performing even though paramedics were in the crowds of spectators. For the Beard, his final days in Brooklyn were far from pretty. He made his wishes to move elsewhere clear by playing uninspired offense and pretty much zero defense. Giving up on his teammates on the Nets opened up a Pandora’s Box of criticism and negativity.

Chris Paul and Kanye West

Forgive me if it feels like I’m grasping at straws here because I definitely feel like this connection could be seen as a little far-fetched to some. Regardless, both Paul and Ye have established themselves as one the greatest at what they do. CP3 will more than likely go down as a Top 5 Point Guard of all time, while Kanye has a strong argument for being a Top-5 Rapper of all time. Both reached their peak during the late 2000’s-early 2010s, as Paul was the NBA’s best point guard while Ye was the world’s best rapper/performer.

Now, both are still doing what they do best, even if considered “out of their prime.” Furthermore, they are also acting crazy in the process. Where Paul committed dirty fouls on Giannis Antetokounmpo during the NBA Finals, Kanye West has infamously started a feud between him, his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, and SNL star Pete (AKA “Skete”) Davidson. Even though their careers could be in their final chapters, they will still never fail to receive attention, positive or negative.

Tyler Herro and Jack Harlow

Now back to a more obvious comparison. Both Herro and Harlow are relatively new to the game despite taking it by storm. Harlow has received praise from the likes of Drake and Kanye West, while Herro is the sixth man for one of the Eastern Conference’s best teams, the Miami Heat. The pair share a close bond off the court, having met when the Kentucky native (Harlow) ran into the University of Kentucky star (Herro) at a Louisville nightclub in 2019. Despite receiving instant fame and attention, both Herro and Harlow appear to be far from finished making their marks in their respective careers.

Michael Jordan and Jay-Z

Look everyone, I was born in 2001. I was not able to see either MJ’s or Jay-Z’s careers begin or reach their peaks while I was alive. If you think a different rapper is the GOAT, then no problem. However, I definitely see some traits that overlap with these two. It’s pretty simple: two bald dudes, who dominated in the 90s, and when their runs ended, were widely seen as the GOAT of what they do. Now, some new competition has come up towards their throne, in part because their greatness inspired so many to try and emulate what they did. Just as arguments are being made for LeBron and Kareem against MJ, names like Tupac and Biggie Smalls are thrown into the mix of who the GOAT rapper could be. However, this much is certain: Jay-Z and Michael Jordan are a cut above the rest.

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