Ninja Headbands
The NBA Has Banned “Ninja” Headbands (Jim Mone/AP)

So I’m very confused about the recent move the NBA made today with banning “ninja” style headbands. Who gives a flying shit what players are wearing on their head? Does it affect the game? Does it make people run faster? Do they make you jump higher? Do they make Lebron James less of a little bitch? The answer my friends is absolutely not! They are just headbands people!

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN had the following:

“The NBA won’t allow players to wear “ninja-style headwear” this season.

Several players — including the Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler, the New Orleans Pelicans’ Jrue Holiday, the LA Clippers’ Montrezl Harrell, the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Karl-Anthony Towns and the Brooklyn Nets’ Jarrett Allen — regularly wore the headgear a season ago.

The NBA never had a formal process to approve the headgear, and allowed players to wear it during the 2018-19 season because, spokesman Mike Bass told ESPN, “We didn’t want to cause a disruption by intervening midseason.”

The NBA notified teams in May that the headbands wouldn’t be a part of this season’s approved uniforms.

The NBA released a statement regarding the decision today stating: “The ninja-style headwear is not part of the NBA uniform and hasn’t been through the league approval process.” NBA spokesman Mike Bass went on to say, “Teams have raised concerns regarding safety and consistency of size, length and how they are tied, which requires a thorough review before consideration of any rule change.”

Dude are you stupid? It’s a headband? It is not going to spontaneously catch on fire during the game. What kind of safety review are you going to do that is going to last more than 11 minutes? See I thought that this was America. The land of the free and the home of the brave. Where people are allowed their god given right to put whatever stupid shit they want on their head! Whether it’s a stupid headband or something disgusting like a Dallas Cowboys hat. The NBA has taken away their players right to look like idiots and I for one am appalled. I am officially calling for a boycott of the NBA season until our players can look like the Ninja Turtles again! Who’s with me?! Don Chach out!