Jimmy Butler
Jimmy Butler chose the Heat in free agency after playing dominoes in Miami (Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports)

Jimmy Butler is an odd character. He doesn’t respect you unless you grew up homeless. That’s just who Butler is. He wears his heart on his sleeve and shows no fear when it comes to attacking teammates. Butler is set to play for his 4th NBA team in his career. Is that on Butler or is that not a big deal? Well, his reasoning for choosing the Heat is a weird one.

Anthony Chaing at the Miami Herald had the story of how Butler decided on Miami as his next destination:

“As for Butler’s fit with the city of Miami, he started exploring that in April with a tour through Little Havana. With the 76ers in town to take on the Heat in the final home game of Wade’s career on April 9, Butler used the first part of that day to learn about the area.

Butler was determined to experience “the real Miami” and settled on Little Havana as the neighborhood to tour…

On April 9 during a tour of Little Havana, Butler was looking forward to proving he was a better dominoes player than those at Domino Park that day. Not aware that double-nine dominoes were used at the park, Butler was thrown off because he grew up playing with a double-six set…

The group ended up playing double-six dominoes. And of course, Butler won.”

What a weirdo. I’ve never played Dominoes so I can’t speak with first hand experience. What I do know is if dominoes played into his decision, I’m out on Butler. This guy is a lunatic. Cards are a different story. If he were playing card games, I would get it. Who the hell plays Dominoes? The only Dominoes I deal with is the pizza. I honestly had no idea dominoes the game was actually a thing. Butler can no longer be trusted.

Let’s also say the move to Miami is a weird one. As currently constructed, this Heat roster blows. Dion Waiters moves the needle for you? No? How about Kelly Olynyk? No? What about James Johnson? No? Okay, I got one for you. How about a game of Dominoes in Little Havana? SIGN ME UP! How many days until Butler throws a chair at Pat Riley? Oh, I can’t wait. This guy is going to be miserable on this sorry team full of chumps.