Bill Belichick
DO NOT ask Bill Belichick about Antonio Brown (Mark Humphrey/AP)

The New England Patriots look better than last year. Yes, they won the Super Bowl last year. It’s still an accurate statement. New England kicked the shit out of the Steelers in the opener 33-3 on Sunday Night. The coaching advantage that Bill Belichick gives the Patriots over the rest of the league is insane. Adding insult to injury, the Patriots beat Pittsburgh that bad and didn’t have Antonio Brown. They will get him for Week 2.

After beating the Steelers, Bill Belichick spoke to the media after the game. One sorry reporter asked him about Antonio Brown. Belichick wasn’t having any of it:

“No. Next.”

“Yeah, no, I’ll talk about the game and the players that are on our team,” Belichick said. “I thought they did a great job tonight. Offensively we had some balance and made some big plays, had a couple of big throws down the field for touchdowns and big gains. Anytime you can get those explosive plays that helps open things up.”

I love Bill Belichick. He constantly crushes the media. How did they not know he wasn’t going to talk about Antonio Brown. They just got done playing the game. There was no chance he was talking about him. The best part is that he never even cracks a smile. I can’t think of another coach that just hammers the media like this.

How about if you’re one of these reporters. After he shuts the first one down, how are you the guy that asks the question the second time? Tom Curran is such a loser. Typical NBC Sports Boston analyst that overreacts to everything. What is there to complain about? You cover the Patriots. Why be that guy. Ask about the game. You know Bill Belichick will make you look like an ass. Almost as much of an ass Belichick just made out of the Steelers after he crushed them by 30 and then got Antonio Brown for free. The Pats just can’t lose.