Mike Francesa
Must Watch: Mike Francesa loses his mind over Mets blown save against Phillies (Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

There are very few media personalities I respect in the game. Mike Francesa is one of them. What I’m about to show you is a must watch. Stop whatever you’re doing and watch. The Mets went into Philadelphia to take on the Phillies in a 4 game set. New York held the lead at least once in every single game and didn’t win any of them. The latest loss can be best described as a total meltdown. Closer Edwin Diaz blew another save giving up 5 runs while recording just one out to seal the loss.

Mike Francesa was on the radio live during the game. It was an all-time performance and a big reason why he remains numba one in the New York market:

Get them all out of town. Don’t even bring them back. What a line right there. There really is no other way to say it. This team is just cursed. It has to be true. Think about all of the things that happened to them just this year. Yoenis Cespedes breaks his ankles in a ranching accident. That alone would have been enough for one team to handle. Add in other things such as the GM trying to manage the game from his couch and the manager trying to fight reporter, then we have what is called the Mets.

This Edwin Diaz and Robinson Cano trade will go down as one of the worst in MLB history. That’s not even mentioning the fact that the Mariners haven’t reaped the rewards of the eventual prospects via the Mets that are on the way. Diaz has been a total flop and Cano does what every old 2nd baseman does. Dies when they put on that Mets uniform.