Mike Francesa
Mike Francesa perfectly describes the 2019 Mets (Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

The New York Mets have been one of the bigger disappointments during the 2019 MLB Season. While I never thought they were the team to beat in the NL East like that lunatic, Brodie Van Wagenen did (I picked the Braves), but I thought there was a real chance the Mets could contend for a wild card spot. The Mets had elite starting pitching, a couple of young guys who had potential, and enough power in the offense to win games.

That, of course, has not happened. Currently the Mets sit at 35-38 and 7.5 games out of first place. New York has also been outscored by 20 runs on the season so their record is not a fluke by any means. This is a bad baseball team. Mike Francesa summed up the 2019 Mets about as well as it can possibly be done:

Pete Alonso and Jeff McNeil have been good. That’s it. Everything else broke wrong for the Mets. Jacob deGrom hasn’t recaptured his magic from the 2018 season. Noah Syndergaard has an ERA of 4.55. Zack Wheeler in a contract year has an ERA 4.94. Edwin Diaz has taken an enormous step back. The Robinson Cano trade predictably failed. Jed Lowrie hasn’t played yet. Michael Conforto has been solid but not elite. Brandon Nimmo is probably a 4th outfielder. DA bullpen has been dreadful. New York also ranks last in fielding percentage. This is what the Mets are. A bad baseball team.

The Mets do have two bright spots. I love Jeff McNeil. He’s going to hit .330 for the next decade. That’s an enormous chip to have. Pete Alonso has shown elite power rocketing 24 homers already. Those are the only major bright spots.

BVW deserves blame for making poor roster decisions. They overpaid for Diaz and Cano ruining the farm system in the process. It took 50 games to realize Keon Broxton couldn’t hit and later got released. Investing in choke artist Jeurys Familia again never made any sense. Giving a bunch of money to Lowrie after the year McNeil just had was odd. The Mets could have been a winning team in 2019 but the choice Van Wagenen made didn’t help matters.

I just wrote all these words and didn’t once mention Mickey Callaway who is a fraud of a human being and the biggest lame duck coach in any sport in recent memory. My prayers are with Met fans.