Mike Francesa
Mike Francesa had a field day with the Mets for hiring 82-year-old, Phil Regan. It’s a must watch (Cindy Ord / Getty Images for SiriusXM)

The New York Mets are among the bigger jokes in baseball. It’s not hard to make fun of them. They gave you material to use virtually every day. Recently, the Mets hired Phil Regan as the new pitching coach. He’s 82… The Mets throwing Dave Eiland under the bus is classic Mets. Predictably, Mike Francesa had a field day with this mess. He executed the finish to virtual perfection:

If this isn’t must watch, then I don’t know what is. There are just so many funny moments. One of the underrated one’s is calling Regan the vulture. Is he the vulture for picking up scraps and weaseling his way into a job? I don’t think that’s what Francesa was going for (maybe he was) but it just makes it that much funnier.

I also love the little shots are Brodie Van Wagenen. I can’t imagine what’s going through his head. BVW had a cushy job as an agent. That’s an easy job. Get the players market value. That’s not hard. Building a team correctly with a budget isn’t easy. BVW couldn’t have failed more miserably. Francesa is right. If you were rooting for BVW to fail, it couldn’t have gone much better for you. ‘What’s been good? Pete Alonso? Check. Jeff McNeil? Check. That’s it!’

The ‘Short Term’ part is also hilarious. What are the Mets thinking? What was even the point of firing the pitching and bullpen coach? This team isn’t getting any better without overhauling the roster. This kind of stuff doesn’t happen to any other team. Just look at the team history at 2nd base. Players literally go there to die. Look at Jed Lowrie! He might have been kidnapped for all we know. I love keeping tabs on the Mets. It always makes me feel more grateful for the pre2004 Red Sox days.