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Muppet Casey Stern Made Maybe The Worst Sports Comparision Ever

Casey Stern

(Paras Griffin/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Casey Stern
Tiny muppet Casey Stern went on maybe the worst sports radio rant of all-time. (Paras Griffin/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

I don’t understand how some people in sports media have jobs. MLB Network Radio on Sirius XM seems to employ a lot of those people. This is a company that employs 18 radio hosts. Zero of them picked the Braves to make the playoffs after they won the division a year ago with one of the youngest teams in baseball. 18 dopes. 18 absolute morons. Casey Stern fits right in. The most hilarious part is he works for TNT which is in Braves country and still didn’t pick them to make the postseason.

Casey Stern went on maybe the worst rant in the history of sports radio. You can’t make up how dumb this guy is:

This is SOOOOOO BAD. Truly embarrassing that they let people like this on the radio. I want to break this down into segments. My mind is blown. You can’t make up how stupid this is.

A: Gerrit Cole isn’t going to not re-sign with Houston because they left him in the bullpen in Game 7 of the World Series. You would have to be an absolute f*cking idiot to believe that. Hindsight is 20/20. I get it. Not bringing Cole into the game was probably the wrong call. There’s also no guarantee he gets the job done either. Cole hasn’t made a relief appearance since he pitched at UCLA. How do you know how he responds out of the pen? Maybe Cole is mad about it. It won’t be the reason he leaves Houston. That’s just idiotic.

B: Who is Gerrit Cole’s agent? That would be Scott Boras. That means Gerrit Cole will go to the top bidder. It doesn’t matter who it is. If some team in Siberia is the highest bidder, then he’s going to pitch in Russia. That’s the way Scott Boras operates. There is no picking and choosing where he plays. There is no emotion involved in the decision. If you are the highest bidder for Gerrit Cole, you will get him. Stern must be living in la-la land or he is too stupid enough to realize how Boras operates.

C: “Go beat Verlander in Game one of the playoffs against him and show him you were really the dude”. What the hell does that even mean? Why does Cole need to prove something to Verlander? What does Verlander have to do with the price of tea in China? It’s Loony Tunes. Justin Verlander is 36 years old and still pitching his ass off. Sporting a 2.58 ERA at the age of 36 is impressive. Credit to Houston for revitalizing his career. They’ve done the same with Cole. What Verlander has anything to do with where Cole signs in free agency, I have no idea. Go ask that dodo bird, Casey Stern.

D: Here’s the funniest part. Stern tries to compare Cole signing with the Yankees to Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors. Where are the parallels? This couldn’t make less sense. Durant blew a 3-1 lead with the Warriors with the Thunder and then signed with the Warriors. Gerrit Cole beat the Yankees. There was no lead blown. The Yankees have lost to Houston two of the past 3 years. One of those years was without Cole. The year the Yankees blew the 3-2 lead, Cole was on the Pirates. The Warriors have won more titles this decade than the Yankees have in 20 years. Nothing about this comparison makes any sense. Stern’s brain was put in a total pretzel. In Stern’s small mind, the Yankees are Durant trying to join Cole. You can’t make any sense of it.

E: The NBA has max contracts. There’s a cap on how much money any player can earn on a max deal. You can earn slightly more by re-signing but stars have been willing to leave slightly less on the table to join winning teams. That doesn’t exist in baseball. There is no max. That is in terms of dollars and years. You can sign any contract you want. Name the Scott Boras client that took less money in free agency to sign with another team? It doesn’t happen. There is no salary cap in baseball. There is a soft cap and a hard cap in the NBA. The structure of each sport is wildly different.

F: Imagine being the social media manager for this station. These are the clips they want you to see so you might think about paying for a subscription. If this is what they’re promoting, imagine how awful the rest of the show is? I can’t fathom how terrible that show must be. Imagine how terrible the rest of the clips are?

You can’t fix stupid. You can’t make how dumb this guy is. I’m truly speechless. You can’t put a price on how much I would pay to be sitting next to Casey Stern when he said this. Oh, I pity the fool. I would embarrass that pathetic muppet. MLB Network Radio is establishing itself as a clown show radio station.


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