Josh Donaldson
#ChopOn MLB Network Radio apologizes for having zero analysts pick the Braves to make the playoffs (Brett Davis/USA TODAY Sports)

My hatred towards MLB Network and MLB Network Radio has been gaining steam over the past year. It started out a during the offseason when scumbag Harold Reynolds didn’t know what slugging percentage was. IT escalated during their coverage of Dallas Keuchel. It’s a mustlisten because of how bad it is. Then earlier this week, failed gm Steve Phillips, tried to proclaim that Mike Trout deserves to win the MVP award.

If you’re a person that agrees with Phillips here, then you don’t understand the English language. Most Valuable means that he needed to impact winning the Angels are a 4th place team. Without him, they are a last place team. That is not valuable. An infant has the brain capacity to understand that. Steve Phillips, does not.

That leads me to my breaking point. It’s clear that MLB Network Radio has employed a bunch of squids that are lacking a brain. Out of the 18 analysts on staff, not one of them picked the Atlanta Braves to win the NL East. Better yet, not one of them picked the Braves to even make the playoffs.

How embarrassing? Look, some people shouldn’t have jobs in this business. I don’t think MLB Network Radio even has a choice here. You have to fire the entire staff. I can’t think of something more embarrassing. 18 employees. 18 employees that have no brain. Pathetic.

MLB Network Radio actually put out a statement because of how embarrassing this is.

“We at MLB Network Radio want to acknowledge the elephant in the room. We’ve heard you loud and clear, on the phones and on Twitter. We know that yes, in fact, none of us picked the Atlanta Braves to win the NL East. And we were all wrong. This team is INCREDIBLE. So please, stop sending us the same picture of Tiger Woods, and let’s have a great October.”

I love how they also glossed over the fact that none of them even picked the Braves to make the Wild Card. I know it couldn’t have been me. I’ve been riding the Braves train all year. Atlanta won the division in 2018 and have the best young core in baseball. In what world were the Braves not going to win this division?

Atlanta currently has a 9.5 game lead in the NL East. I not only picked the Braves for this division, I thought they were legit contenders to win the NL which is what I said right after they signed Josh Donaldson. A move that was always going to work as long as he stayed healthy. I never bought the Phillies. The Bryce Harper signing was always a bad idea. The Mets are just cursed. The Nats are better but nobody has the young core that Atlanta does. Ronald Acuna, Ozzie Albies, Mike Soroka, etc. I have a message for the rest of the National League. You better beat the Braves this year because nobody is touching them for the next five years. Those guys are only getting better.