Harold Reynolds has no idea how to calculate slugging percentage (MLB Network)

I hate people. Here we go again. I love the baseball offseason and there’s very little reliable coverage of it. MLB Network is the one real sports Network that actually covers baseball. Given the name, that seems pretty obvious. You either have the baseball nerds that are incredibly boring to watch or have idiots that can barely speak. Harold Reynolds falls into the latter category. What never ceases to amaze me is how stupid some TV analysts are. Harold Reynolds might be one of the dumbest people on the entire planet but amazingly has a job with MLB Network.

Reynolds is such a moron that he has no idea how to compute slugging percentage despite the fact that he played 12 years in the big leagues:

“You’ve got to throw home runs in there, come on!” Reynolds exclaimed. Rosenthal replied, “Well, it’s factored into slugging,” and Reynolds says “No it’s not!”

The fun doesn’t end there. At the end of the segment, Reynolds circled back to slugging percentage.

“Is not a home run and a double credited the same thing in slugging percentage?,” Reynolds asked.

“No,” Rosenthal replied in a deadpan tone.

You might ask yourself who cares? Why are you so mad, Trey? I’ll tell you why things like this infuriate me. Do you know what Harold Reynolds net worth is? $7 million… $7 million to act like a jackass and have the brain of a dead squirrel. Reynolds isn’t just f*cking stupid. He’s also a terrible person. His Net worth is $7 million despite battling a sexual harassment case and was fired by ESPN because of it. That’s why these things piss me off beyond belief. Getting paid millions of dollars to be an idiot and be an asshole. That doesn’t sound like that’s how things should work.

Hot Stove on MLB Network is a total joke. Matt Vasgersian a few weeks ago went on a rant about how Robinson Cano was a disaster for the Mariners despite having the 7th best WAR among position players with Seattle during his tenure. Vasgersian also has a soundboard that he thinks is super funny but in reality makes my ears bleed. He uses the soundboard because it hides the fact that he has no talent.

It makes sense that H Reynolds has no clue how slugging percentage works. He had the power of a toddler during his playing days. He hit 21 career home runs in 12 years and had a slugging percentage of .341.

The only thing that is watchable about Hot Stove is the information that Ken Rosenthal provides. The only downside is that he works for the Athletic so there’s no chance that anyone will read his columns.