MLB Network Radio
MLB Network Radio on Sirus XM went on a rant about Dallas Keuchel that made zero sense

Some people in the sports media business should not have jobs. This next example I’m going to show you will blow your mind. It’s unfathomable that someone in the media can produce content so mind-boggling that you can’t even make sense of what was said. Normally I just let things go but this one I can’t. It’s beyond egregious. Just try to follow along.

In case you missed it, Dallas Keuchel signed a one-year contract with Atlanta Braves worth $21 million. That number will be prorated down to $13 million because he signed so late in the year. The reports came out that the Yankees were the runner up for the lefties services bidding the original qualifying offer of $18.8 million.

That brings up to the rant. Warning: this video contains content that will make you lose brain cells. Viewer discretion is advised:

Let’s break this down piece by piece. The first segment talks about how Shohei Ohtani is making $650K this year. Yeah, he’s a second year player… That’s how the rules are. The more experience, the more money. Nobody starts making tons of money until the arbitration years. I don’t understand the laughter but okay.

Then at the 14 second mark, Ryan Spilborghs and CJ Nitkowski are now comparing the Braves getting Dallas Keuchel to Ohtani with the Angels. This is wrong on so many levels. One, Keuchel signed a $21 million contract. The Braves did not “steal” him. That’s roughly 10 percent of the Braves total payroll. From a financial standpoint, they couldn’t be more wrong. It’s also an idiotic comment because Ohtani isn’t pitching this year because of the Tommy John surgery. He’s only a pure DH this year. Keuchel is a starting pitcher who eats innings. Again, not comparable.

Then at the 20 second mark, the idiotic duo suggests that Yankee fans should be mad about this? Why? Nothing about Dallas Keuchel looks or feels like a New York Yankee. Have you seen that glorious beard? This would have been a horrible thing for baseball. Keuchel belongs in the dirty south just like when he was at Arkansas wheeling and dealing. The hosts also seem to be forgetting that this isn’t the old Yankees. Brian Cashman doesn’t win bidding wars anymore. It’s sad but it’s also true. Do you know what else is sad? Dallas Keuchel is just expected to take less money and shave his beard because it’s the Yankees? What have they won in the last 10 years? Nothing. It’s sad that fans expect Keuchel to roll over and take a haircu in more ways than one.

Then the next segment talks about how the Yankees will have to give up prospects now for a starting pitcher at the deadline. Well, yes, that’s how it normally works. I wouldn’t suppose someone will just give them one for free as most Yankee fans seem to think that’s how the world works. The host (I don’t know which one it is because I don’t listen to the show to know who’s voice is who) starts his argument by saying fans should be pissed that they will give up prospects and then ends his argument by saying prospects often times turn into duds. So which one is it? Are you for or against trading someone like Clint Frazier?

I’ve listened to this clip now probably 10 times. I still can’t understand what his point is. If you’re the social media person for this station, I need to know how this is a viral type of clip. That’s the sad part. What the hell does the rest of the show sound like if this is the best segment they could find? Just god awful. Hey Sirius XM… I’m ready for an audition whenever you’re sick of putting out a mediocre product. Whenever you want to stop putting trash out on the air ways, give me a call.