Milwaukee Bucks
(Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)

The NBA offseason is already off to a hot start. As of right now, no other team has been busier than the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks have already made two big trades in order to please their two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo. But is it enough to win a title?

Potential Starting Lineup

On paper, this is a pretty mean lineup. The first big move was to acquire New Orleans Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday. Granted, I think the Bucks gave up way too much for Holiday. Three first-round picks and two pick swaps are absolutely ridiculous. That’s Anthony Davis level trade value. Is Holiday as good of a player as Davis? Short answer, no. But I digress.

The move for Bogdanovic is one I really like. He is a straight shooter and is the type of player the Bucks desperately need. Bogdanovic doesn’t hit threes at an elite level like others his age or at his position, but he is much better than anything the Bucks had. When opposing teams pack the paint to defend against Giannis, the Bucks need shooters on the perimeter that they can rely on.

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Middleton and Lopez, along with Giannis of course, remain the same. But it is the bench that should have Bucks fans worried. Who is left on that Bucks bench? Pat Connaughton and Sterling Brown? Will the Bucks get a good enough player late in the 2020 NBA Draft that can contribute? Most other key players on the bench have declined their options to try and get more money, most likely elsewhere. There’s no one left.

Harsh Reality

The Milwaukee Bucks were exposed badly by the Miami Heat in the playoffs. The amount given up for Holiday reeks of desperation by this front office. It means they are legitimately worried Giannis may walk after this season. If the Bucks do win a title, then all this talk is for not and you can justify giving up your future.

But I’m not convinced that this is a winning roster. Forget the teams out West, there are now legit contenders in the East as well. The Nets will be fully healthy, and with the rumors of adding James Harden, they very well may be the favorites out East. The Heat and Celtics are also hungry teams that cannot be written off. The peak of this team started to decline after they let Brogdon walk and extended Bledsoe. The Bucks have already screwed up, and this is their last chance to pitch Giannis to stay. If it doesn’t work, the Bucks will be in the same boat the Nets were in for years.