Philadelphia Eagles
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TV talking heads at ESPN have been having this debate over who the Philadelphia Eagles should’ve kept at quarterback after their Super Bowl victory. Yet the mistake was made with their coaching staff, not their quarterback. Frank Reich should still be with the Eagles, his absence is the cause of the offense’s struggles.

2020 is the year where literally nothing is surprising anymore, hell we’re about to see a five or six-win team be crowned NFC East Champions and host a playoff game. The Dallas Cowboys currently hold a top-5 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and can easily win their division, that’s how crappy the NFC East is.

While it’s easy to blame Carson Wentz for all the struggles that the Philadelphia Eagles are facing he’s nowhere near the only reason that the Eagles stink. A team isn’t ranked 27th in total yards 24th in points (per game) because of their quarterback. At some point, you have to put some responsibility on the coaching staff and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Carson Wentz can’t just magically make the run game better or worse, Frank Reich was why the Eagles won a Super Bowl and why Wentz was in the MVP race. Nick Foles credits all his success to Reich, what more is there to say?

In the 2017 season, the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles had their offense led by Frank Reich. Carson Wentz was an MVP candidate before he got injured and the Eagles had the 7th ranked offense in yards and 3rd in points. After Reich left, 2018 saw a regression to 14th in yards and 18th in points. 2019 wasn’t much better, 14th in yards against but 12th in points. Should be hopeful right? Wrong, 2020 is by far the worst, and it’s not all Wentz’s fault.

Currently, the Eagles have the 27th ranked offense in yards and 24th in points (per game). The offense has taken a nosedive with the absence of Reich, and the Colts improved drastically.

The Colts had the 31st ranked offense in 2017, when Reich became the head coach in 2018 the offense improved to 7th. For the Philadelphia side, Wentz hasn’t come close to his MVP caliber season since Reich left. Stop arguing senselessly about whether the Eagles should’ve kept Foles or Wentz. They should’ve found a way to keep Frank Reich he’s why their offense was successful.


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