Mike Mayock
Mike Mayock is on a heater! The Raiders general manager basically admitted he can’t draft. There are “no dynamic” players on defense. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

God, I can’t get enough of Mike Mayock. It’s like watching the Titanic sink. You can’t take your eyes off it. You just enjoy watching that puppy burn to the ground. That’s Mayock every single time he opens his mouth.

In a new twist, Mayock essentially admitted he sucks at drafting. When asked about the Raiders’ defense, Mayock basically said it doesn’t have any dynamic players at any level. Of course, he’s responsible for putting the dynamic players on the field.

“The way we look at it, or at least the way I look at it, is last year we did not have a dynamic playmaker at any level,” Mayock said. “And that’s hard, when you go in a game every Sunday and they don’t have to specifically game plan for any one player.”

Let’s just be honest here. The Raiders have had five first round picks since Mayock took over. All of which he inherited. The Raiders are 0-5 on those picks. The most egregious being the decision to take Clelin Ferrell over Devin White. The LSU linebacker White was a home run pick staring them in the face and Mayock opted to go with a bum. That’s on him.

This is so embarrassing. These are YOUR guys. Yesterday you talked trash about how Damon Arnette wasn’t 100 percent committed. YOU PICKED HIM DUDE! John Abram isn’t close to special. You can find mistakes across this entire roster. I’m still trying to find Cory Littleton. Guy must have went into witness protection.

Poor Raider fans. Not only does Mayock suck at his job but he openly admits it to the media. Credit to him for being honest? It’s only a matter of time before Jon Gruden’s puppet gets the ax. Just like his buddy Paul Guenther.