Mike Mayock

Mike Mayock: We Have To Get So Much Better On Defense

Well well well, Mike Mayock has turned into captain obvious. There is no secret about it, the Las Vegas Raiders have had an incredibly terrible defense, glad to see that the general manager has realized that too. This has become especially true since Jon Gruden returned as the head coach of the team.

Ever since Gruden returned, the peak that the Raiders have seen on defense has come in the form of the 24th ranked points defense and the 19th ranked yards defense. They’ve found ways to regress in both in 2020, going to 30th in points and 25th in yards. I’ve been incredibly critical of Mike Mayock, he’s just not fit to be a general manager. I mean, at least he acknowledged that this defense needs improvement.

We have to get so much better [on defense]. I know it, Jon knows it. We all know it. We’ve got to finish games. I’m excited to see whether or not we can generate a pass rush because we have not been disruptive on defense, we don’t take the ball away. We don’t hurry the quarterback. We have a lot of things we have to get better at and we’re very realistic about that. More than anything, I want to see if we can be disruptive on defense and that’s going to be one of our goals.

Mike Mayock via The NFL Show Rhodes Show with Lindsay Rhodes.

While Jon Gruden does deserve blame for how the Raiders finish seasons, I’ll somewhat spare him for the defensive struggles. The Raiders are facing a crucial season, how this year goes could end Mayock’s general manager career.

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