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Michael Wilbon Was Very Mad Jacob deGrom Won The Cy Young Award

Michael Wilbon


Michael Wilbon
Michael Wilbon idiotically argued that Jacob deGrom didn’t deserve to win the Cy Young award (ESPN)

The clown tour that is ESPN continues to show why they are truly an embarrassing company. One of the saddest parts of ESPN’s downfall was their lack of baseball content. As a kid, I woke up before school to check out the highlights around the great sport of baseball. That doesn’t exist anymore. Now the timesheet is filled with horrendous debate shows that make your eyes bleed. One of ESPN’s debate shows, PTI, hit a new low.

Michael Wilbon somehow believes that Jacob deGrom didn’t deserve to win the NL MVP:

“You know, Tony, I’m not with these people. I don’t respect their judgment, actually, because I don’t value what they value. I value winning the damn game more than the ERA! And therefore, it is analytical hijacking. These people have hijacked baseball, they want to impose their will and tell you what’s important. I don’t share most of, maybe none of, their values, and it’s absurd.”

Sorry, Michael, “the good ole days” are not better. Wilbon is that guy who claims things used to be better but then drives around a nice car instead of horse and buggy completely contradicting himself. Poor Wilbon, I’m not sure that he is aware of this but there other ways to look at baseball stats other than grabbing the local newspaper to see who got the win or loss.

Michael Wilbon

Look, I’m not an award guy but it’s not really debatable that Jacob deGrom absolutely should have won the Cy Young award. Jacob deGrom made 32 starts this year. 8 of those starts he didn’t allow a run. 10 starts he allowed 1 run. 5 starts he allowed 2 runs. 8 starts he allowed 3 runs. 1 start he allowed 4 runs. That was the most he allowed in any start! So we should penalize deGrom because the Mets offense sucks?

No, this isn’t the 1970’s. People are smarter now. If the Mets would have scored 4 runs in every single deGrom start, he would have gone 30-0. Arguing a win-loss record doesn’t reflect a pitcher’s ability to pitch. A 1.70 ERA is flat out absurd. Even is the snoozefest that is the National League. Aaron Nola had an ERA of 2.37 and Max Scherzer had a mark of 2.53. It’s not close. You could make the argument that the Mets pathetic offense makes deGrom’s year more impressive. He was not pitching with leads. Pitchers can get more aggressive in the strike zone with leads.

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Luckily we have idiots like Michael Wilbon to rot the brains of the younger generation of sports fans. Nothing speaks idiot more than that guy that screams for a ban on the defensive shift. Yeah, let’s shoot for making the sport dumber.

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