Mickey Callaway
In one of the most pathetic moves of all-time, Mets manager Mickey Callaway asked Mike Francesa for advice about whether Pete Alonso should compete in the Home Run Derby (Jeff Roberson/AP)

When we talk about hot seats in baseball, no one’s ass is more on fire than Mickey Callaway. The Mets have been one of the bigger disappoints on the season and it’s become more and more clear that Callaway has zero idea what he’s doing.

I’ll list a few examples:

The clip above happened last year. In the first inning of a game, the Mets batted out of order in a 2-1 loss to the Reds. This would only happen to a team that’s as embarrassing as the Mets and a manager that doesn’t have a brain.

Then there was this. The first clip below is Robinson Cano just flat out refusing to run to first on what turned into a double play. The second clip is Callaway defending Cano in what is the weirdest coaching tactic of all-time Then again, trading for Cano never made sense so Brodie Van Wagenen deserves more blame.

At this point, calling Callaway a lame duck is about the nicest thing you can say about the guy. This is just pathetic. Then there’s this. The Mets were playing the Diamondbacks recently. Ketel Marte hit a home run and Callaway was laughing as if he didn’t have a clue what was going on and was just happy to be at the ballpark.

Now at this point, it’s getting really hard not to call Callaway a clueless dope. Just wait, it gets even better. In a recent interview with WFAN radio host Mike Francesa, Callaway literally asked Mike for his opinion on Pete Alonso. Just take a second to think about that. The Mets manager is asking a radio host for advice about whether Alonso should compete in the home run derby. I’m not making this up:

How does Callaway still have a job? This may go down as the single most pathetic thing a head coach / manager has ever done. That includes batting out of the order. However, there is something good that comes out of it. This just proves my theory more and more. I could absolutely be a successful GM in any of the 4 major sports. So could a lot of average fans. I could say the same thing if those people had an opportunity to get into coaching.

Poor Mets fans. I truly do not know how they do it. This franchise is just cursed. If there is one thing to be happy about, Pete Alonso is the real deal and has 20 homers already. I think he would be really fun to watch in the derby.