The Philadelphia media has started to turn on the Phillies and it’s beyond hilarious (Jason Behnken / AP)

Just a few weeks ago it was sunshine and rainbows for the Phillies. They were in first place and thought they were the class of the NL East. Over time we have slowly been reminded that the Braves are the best team in the NL East. That’s not going to change for another 5-10 years. Atlanta is LOADED. The Braves currently have a 3 game lead on Philadelphia but have a run differential of 38 runs better. The Braves are the team to beat.

The media in Philadelphia has started to panic. After dropping game one of a doubleheader against the Nationals, the media is starting to sour on the Phillies. Ricky Bottalico of NBC Sports Philadelphia had some fascinating comments that contradicted what manager Gabe Kapler had to say.

CLICK THIS LINK TO VIEW THE VIDEO. Apologies for not being able to embed it.

This is funny. Truly is. It’s only a matter of time until the media really starts turning on Bryce Harper. That was a stupid baseball play by a below average baseball player. This is who Bryce Harper is. A .240 hitter who punches out all the time and makes stupid baseball decisions. That’s what he is. Only a matter of time until the media really gets on him.

Gabe Kapler’s welcome in Philly is wearing thin. You can just tell he’s driving people insane. The green light thing on 3-0 can go either way. Sean Rodriguez probably needs a red light but I can’t criticize people for trying to be aggressive. This is just the example of Philly. This is a tough town and they will not let things like this go easy.

Just wait. This is not going away. The Braves will only continue to grow this lead and Bryce Harper will continue to become a poison pill for this team. This is just too entertaining to take my eyes off.