Phil Regan
#LGM fired their pitching coach for being “too old school” Then responded by hiring 82-year-old Phil Regan. Classic Mets! (Michael Greenlar /

The New York Mets are cursed. Nothing has gone right in New York. The Mets currently sit 8.5 games out of first place in the NL East behind Atlanta. Because of those struggles, the Mets have decided to tinker with the coaching staff. Pitching coach Davie Eiland and bullpen coach Chuck Hernandez have been fired.

Joel Sherman first reported the news:

It’s June. When you are firing coaching staff members in June, you’re in panic mode. That’s what the Mets are. PANIC MODE. New York ranks 20th in the majors in ERA (4.67). They rank 28th in bullpen ERA with a 5.38. What’s even more hilarious is Seattle ranks 27th and they are the team that gave the Mets Edwin Diaz. YIKES.

This is classic Mets. Finding someone to blame. Refusing to acknowledge the root of the problem. This roster is flawed and that’s the bottom line.

This tweet is funny:

Why is it funny? Well, the Mets decided to hire 82-year-old Phil Regan as the new pitching coach. But, hey, I’m sure he’s not old school. Don’t even get after me about being ageist. This is just what the Mets do. It’s sad too because their fans should not be put through this misery.

Let’s get to Regan. The guy was born in 1937. That’s before WWII. Regan made his MLB debut in 1960 with the Tigers. That’s two years prior to when the Mets were created. Fire a guy for being old school, hire a guy who is even older school. Classic Mets. This move is truly incredible because they pulled Regan out of retirement. He most previously worked for the Mets A ball team in St. Lucie in 2015 before retiring.

Don’t worry, it gets better. Back in charge of the bullpen coaching duties is Ricky Bones. Here’s a quick resume to check out for Bones.

Classic Mets. Demoted to A ball, promoted to the big leagues within a span of months. I don’t know if Bones knows what he’s doing. I’m not in the clubhouse. I do know one thing Bones can help with. Bones was named on the Mitchell Report years ago for taking steroids. Robinson Cano needs a new shipment. It’s perfect!

This is just the appetizer. Give it 3 more weeks. That’s when that joke of a human Mickey Callaway gets hit with the ax. We should have all saw this coming.