Mike Francesa
Mike Francesa doesn’t think Baker Mayfield has a brain in his head. Does Francesa have a point? (Cindy Ord / Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Mike Francesa has been a New York radio icon for what seems like forever. Anything that relates to New York City sports, Francesa has been the guy you go to see what he has to say. Well, Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham have been in the mud with the Giants. Both have different reasons for their beef. Mayfield, in particular, had strong words to say about the Giants decision to draft Daniel Jones with the 6th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. You knew Francesa was going to have a counter.

On his show, Francesa claims that Mayfeld ‘Doesn’t have a brain in his head’. Strong words from the Sports Pope:

This comment sums it up perfectly:

I don’t understand why Baker and OBJ are so wrapped up about the Giants. The Giants are going to be ASS this year. Eli Manning is somehow still a starting quarterback. Bennie Fowler is a starting wide receiver for this team. The Giants are going to be awful. Somehow, the two guys in Cleveland won’t shut up about the Giants. It’s incredible. If anything, in a wild turn of events, the Giants are living rent free in the Browns heads. Who would have thought?

Look, I can’t knock what Mayfield said about Jones. I criticized the pick too. Still, Mayfield said what he said and then tried to walk the comments back like he was some sort of victim. Can’t have it both ways. Once the words “Blew my mind” left his mouth, you have to stand by them. Walking them back was a weak move. Now there’s just chaos and distractions resonating. I truly will laugh my ass off if the Browns miss the playoffs. They better bring it because, on paper, this team is loaded.