Mike Francesa Baker Mayfield
Mike Francesa is NOT a fan of Baker Mayfield (Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

Baker Mayfield is in the news again. This time for taking a shot at the New York Giants fan base. Mayfield essentially claimed that the New York Giants have fake fans. New York radio icon, Mike Francesa had to weigh in. First, he sent out this tweet below. Then he went on radio and had this to say.

In typical Mike fashion, he goes on to talk about how Mayfield clearly knows everything about the Giants history. It was such a predictable response. On the other hand, he is right about one thing. Why is Mayfield still talking about the Giants? If he wanted to comment, all he had to say was let’s see who has a better record this year? That’s it. The Giants are going to be ass. It would have been an easy win. I also don’t understand the motivation to keep talking. It doesn’t help. Bill Belichick has paved the way. Just do a lot of mumbling and win football games.

I think everyone has respect for Cleveland Brown fans. They pack the stadium and have sucked forever. It’s actually impressive that anyone roots for them. I know I couldn’t. I also couldn’t root for them for the sole fact that I hate their uniforms. I hate to be that guy but they are so egregious that I’ve hated them forever for it. Who names their team the Browns? Who uses brown as one of the primary colors? No other team in professional sports uses brown because it’s hideous.

Mike Francesa vs. Baker Mayfield. Now, this is a battle I need to see. Will Mayfield respond? He may not even know who Francesa is. A lot of the people who aren’t from the East Coast probably don’t. For the record once again, I don’t hate Baker. Like his fire. I don’t care what he says, I find most of it funny. I can’t wait to see what this season has in store. They better win the AFC North because the talent they have is off the charts.