Odell Beckham
Odell Beckham thinks the Giants traded him to the Browns so he could go ‘die’ in Cleveland. I guess I would be mad too if I went from living in New York to Cleveland (Ken Blaze/USA TODAY Sports)

Odell Beckham is back in the news. This time it’s for being sour about the Giants trading him to the Browns. Sure, I would be pissed too if I went from living in New York to living in Cleveland. It might just be the worst city you can live in out of any of the 32 franchises. Cleveland is a dump. Even people from Ohio acknowledges that it’s a dump.

Beckham is claiming that the Giants traded him to the Browns so he could go die in Cleveland:

“This wasn’t no business move,” Beckham said. “This was personal. They thought they’d send me here to die.”

I’ll tell you what. The Browns better come out firing this year. There has been a lot of shots taken at the Giants. New York has enough issues. They just drafted Daniel Jones with the 6th pick in the draft. They just turned Odell Beckham into a two down nose tackle and a safety that can’t cover (Dexter Lawrence and Jabrill Peppers). Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham have spent a lot of time blasting the Giants. Hey, at least they are picking a fight they can win. The Giants are probably going to be awful.

I kind of hope that the Giants actually had this process. I doubt it because Dave Gettleman is one of the dumber Gm’s in the NFL. Any gm that continues to trot out Eli Manning clearly lost his mind or didn’t have one, to begin with. Still, I’m a big revenge guy. I’d love for this to be true. Sadly, I don’t think it is.

I know everyone is excited about Odell Beckham for fantasy this year. How about he plays some games? This guy is ALWAYS hurt. You already know a meltdown is coming. Jarvis Landry is going to get too many targets one week and Odell is going to lose it. You can put that one is the book now. Let’s also be honest. Would Odell say this if he was 100 percent happy in Cleveland?