Jim Harbaugh
Bang on Jim Harbaugh all you want. Michigan would regret firing him the second they fired him. They can’t hire a better coach. Would you rather have Rich Rodriguez or Brady Hoke again? (Aaron Josefczyk/UPI)

Jim Harbaugh is getting crushed for losing to Ohio State over and over and over. It’s more than fair to crush him. The problem is, Michigan can’t do better than Jim Harbaugh. This is the best Michigan can do. Maybe he will never beat Ohio State. That’s just something the Wolverines will have to live with because they aren’t beating the Buckeyes with or without Harbaugh. Michigan would regret firing Harbaugh because they can’t find a better coach to replace him.

Let’s just lay out some facts. Michigan hasn’t done anything in YEARS. Why are we pretending now that they are some glamor college football program? Harbaugh is 47-17 at Michigan. That’s pretty good. Michigan hasn’t won an outright national title since 1948. This is not an elite program. Never has been. Bo Schembechler is revered as this great coach. He won zero titles. They haven’t won the Big 10 since 2004. That was the same year Luke Fickel was coaching Ohio State. Michigan hasn’t won the conference since.

You can do a lot worse than Jim Harbaugh. We’ve already seen it. Rich Rodriguez and Brady Hoke coached Michigan before Harbaugh arrived. They went 24-32 in Big 10 play. Harbs is 32-12. Would you rather have Rich Rod and clueless Brady Hoke? Knock yourself out. Michigan wasn’t beating Ohio State before Harbaugh and they won’t do it when he leaves.

Jim Harbaugh has won everywhere he’s been. He won at the University of San Diego. He won at Stanford. He took the 49ers to the Super Bowl. Harbaugh is winning at Michigan too. You just don’t like the way he’s doing it. That’s a you problem. Firing Harbaugh would be a decision Michigan instantly regrets. They might never beat Ohio State but Jim Harbaugh gives them the best chance to do so. Who knows? Maybe Harbaugh gets it done one day. He sure as hell didn’t have a chance with Shea Patterson.