Jim Harbaugh
Jim Harbaugh has a new plan this year and it may just be the worst idea of all-time (Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

We all know how good of a head coach Jim Harbaugh is. The disappointing part is that Harbaugh hasn’t won the Big 10 since he became the Michigan head coach in 2015. Now that Urban Meyer is out of the conference, Harbaugh might just be the favorite to finally win the Big 10. What I’m about to tell you is down right lunacy and may prevent Michigan from it’s potential.

Who is the starting quarterback for Michigan? Nobody? Harbaugh is planning to play both Shea Patterson and Max McCaffrey in every single game. WTF? The following is from Freep.com

“CHICAGO — Michigan football hasn’t had a two-quarterback situation during the Jim Harbaugh era. 

But that could change in 2019. 

Harbaugh told reporters at Big Ten media days Friday that he could envision playing returning starter Shea Patterson and current backup Dylan McCaffrey in games this season. 

Every game, perhaps. 

“Yeah, I do (see games where they’ll both play). Where it stands right now, and that could change later or not, is I see them both playing,” Harbaugh said. “Where it stands right now, I see it as maybe redefining what a starter is. 

“I see that. That’s where it is now. They’re both, you just see that you want to get both on the field.” 

You know the saying by now. If you have two quarterbacks, that means you have none. Max McCaffrey showed that he can run but not throw. McCaffrey is the younger brother of Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey. Shea Patterson has been a total bust. Patterson was a big-time recruit and transfer from Ole Miss. Nothing about his play thus far suggests that he is even draftable. In 13 starts, Patterson threw for 2,600 yards and 22 touchdowns. That’s not good enough.

I’m moving Ohio State back to the top of the Big 10. If Justin Fields can be 80 percent of Dwayne Haskins, that just might be good enough to repeat. It’s better than having a rotating quarterback room. Good hell.