Jaylen Waddle
Jerry Jeudy? DeVonta Smith? Henry Ruggs? Jaylen Waddle is the best wide Receiver Alabama has. It’s time you start to learn his name. (John Reed/USA TODAY Sports)

Alabama has an electric factory full of explosive wide receivers. It feels different from years past who used to have NFL defenders that grew on trees. Now it’s wide receivers. The Crimson Tide have 4 REALLy good ones. Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs, DeVonta Smith, and Jaylen Waddle. The first three names are well known. The 4th one is flying under the radar except for the fact that he’s actually the best one.

Some players just pop off the screen. Then there’s a group of guys that just don’t move like even pro athletes do. That’s the class Waddle is in. Waddle has been relegated to return duties because he’s the young buck of the group. He’s averaging 25 yards per kick return and 38 yards per punt return with two touchdowns. Those are absurd numbers. It speaks to how explosive Waddle is in the open field. He doesn’t move like anyone else on the field.

As a true Freshman, Waddle averaged 18.8 yards per catch. That number is down to a, wait for it, 17.3 yards per catch. The Bama receiver core has been healthy so he hasn’t gotten the opportunities he otherwise would. When Waddle is on the field, he’s dynamite. Waddle’s game against Auburn proved how talented he is. 4 catches, 98 yards, and 3 scores. Good things happen when you get this man the ball.

Humans aren’t supposed to move like that. Nobody can catch him. Ball up for grabs? No problem, I got it. Make a man miss? No, I’ll make 7 miss. Catch everything? Yes, sir. Route running? Did I mention the part where no one can catch him? Short area quickness to separate? Oh, yeah. Jaylen Waddle has it all. He did this with Mac Jones, not Tua Tagovailoa.

That’s not to take away from the other Bama receivers. Jerry Jeudy is going to be a star. DeVonta Smith and Henry Ruggs are NFL guys. They’re not Jaylen Waddle. Who the hell is? You can bookmark him in the first round now. The only true Sophomore who even compares is Justyn Ross who is also going to be a superstar. If you don’t know who Jaylen Waddle is, it’s time to start doing your homework.